Lever lesson

In technology today we learned about levers like in the title. There are three tipe of levers one is like a wheelbarrow the load is in the center and the effort is by the handle the. Third and second tipe of levers are force at the end and front.

The cube

In class we learned that the legendary 3 sided shape the triangle. is the strongest shape in the world. Why is that? Because if the sides do not brake it is impossible to brake it so he told us to make it in a cube and see how much it can hold so I went to the store and made one and tested it I did not it to hold so much but it held 8 big book of whys that is 2000 pages.

I beam

The I beam is the most commen beam why because of the shape the shape is a I and it makes the beam stronger buy it. I learned that buy making one my self it took a lot of trial and erer but it worked just a cardboard one could hold 15lb and it broke at 20lb and now image it in steal now that’s strong.

Plant Post #4

We pollinated our flowers and the seed pods got bigger and bigger.  A seed pod is a coat for the seed. The coat protects the seed. The other day we picked off the seed pods and started drying them.  After we were done drying the seed pods, we opened the seed pods and we found seeds. This is important because flowers won’t die out because it if didn’t have seeds it wouldn’t grow new ones. This is the life cycle of a flower.  


Only one you

Only one you makes me think of Heal the World because they have the same meaning and they both said make the world a better place. Wonder also relates to the book, Only One You because they have the same meaning like sowe how you are prove what you can do and you have to leave the world like you found it.