“Why isn’t my comment posted?”

That is a questions I get a lot.

Students will do the homework assignment, maybe even re-post a comment multiple times, and never see it published.

Before I get into why a comment isn’t published let me remind students of the only appropriate way to sign a comment:

  • In the “Comment as” field select the “Name/URL” option
  • Enter first name and last initial ONLY
    • Leave the URL field empty
  • An example of a properly signed comment is: JohnS or MikeT

It will look like this:

Type first name and last initial only, no space between but using proper capitalization, and click continue:
Once you write your comment, and have the correct identity it will look like this:
Blogger will ask you to “prove you’re not a robot” to protect from spam and malicious comments from being posted. Check the “I’m not a robot” box like this:
Make sure you type the text Blogger shows you, use the small refresh arrow for new letters if you can’t read them. Once you type the text, click the Verify button:

Once you verify you’re not a robot you’ll get a green check mark. Then you can click Publish:

Once you “Publish Your Comment” if you have done it correctly you will see this at the top of the page:
Please allow 24 hours for a teacher to see & review the comment. There is no need to re-post a comment within those first 24 hours.

Why isn’t your comment published? Here are a few reasons…

  • You used your full name, including first & last, in your post
    • We will not publish any comments that include full first & last names
  • You posted as “Anonymous”
    • We can’t publish a comment if I don’t know who wrote it
  • You were logged in as your parent or another Google Account
    • We will not publish comments that have any name other than a student’s first name & last initial
  • You put something into the URL field, turning your name into a link
    • We will not publish a comment with a linked name – leave the URL field empty

Remember, only use first name & last initial to get your comment published!

Please review the video tutorial here & feel free to post comments here with questions or send me an email.


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