4th Grade Ignites

This year 4th graders will be doing Ignite-style talks as part of their colony unit. The talks will be from the perspective of the colonist, in the voice of the times, to inform and inspire other colonist and potential colonists.

In preparation for these Ignite talks, 4th graders will be reviewing a lot of Ignite talk examples, from professionals and fellow students alike.

Here are some examples:

Ignite Talks


Here is my Ignite, done on stage in front of an auditorium of teachers.


Before I did the Ignite I created my Ignite Script:

In preparation for the Colony Ignite, students will do a 7 slide 1:45 second Ignite about anything they want; their passion, an idea for a passion project, things they enjoy doing, places that have meaning to them, etc. Their first task is a script, pictures come later…

An Ignite is about telling a story. Students will eventually tell the story of their colony but they will first tell a simple story about something of meaning to themselves.


There will be more lessons and blog posts to follow…

Have fun!

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