Parent Coffee – Google Drive

Welcome to the Google Drive Parent Coffee! A big thank you to everyone who attended. We covered a lot of ground; from organizing and creating to sharing and being mobile. This blog post has the presentation as well as a recording of the event.

The presentation is here:


The video of the presentation:

Heathcote Google Drive for Parents 2019-03-01 from Scarsdale Schools TV on Vimeo.

Links to some things mentioned/discussed during the event:

  • Google beyond K-12
    • G Suite Enterprise site
      • this site provides details on their security as well as corporate users such as Whirlpool , HP, and Asics
    • G Suite High Education
      • this site provides case studies of the G Suite platform in K-12 settings as well as at the university level at such institutions as Columbia University, MIT, NYU
    • G Suite Government
      • this site provides case studies on the G Suite platfom in government applicoaiton usch as the City of Boston and the State of Colorado
  • GMail on iOS
  • IBM and the cost of Macs
    • Initial Article on cost savings
    • IBM sees Macs costing less to operate than PCs
    • yes, the IBM research is mostly thought the lens of tech support costs, but for the consumer I see that equate to ease of use, more reliability, and longer life span. If IBM sees 5% of Mac users needing support but 40% of PC that translates to a more reliable and enjoyable home computing experince. And if companie slike IBM are addig macOS and iOS devices to their workforce, having students use Macs and iOS devices further prepares them for the future.


Thank you to those who attended!

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