5th Grade – Immigration WeVideo – Script

5th graders,

As we talked about today, your WeVideo project on Immigration does not start with WeVideo, it starts with a Google Doc.

What you need to do:

  • In your Social Studies folder, make a new folder called Immigration
    • Make sure your Immigration Script document is in this folder
  • In the Immigration folder make another folder called Immigration Media
    • this is where you will compile all of the images and videos you collect for your project

Use the Immigration Script to write your narrative. The narrative is the structure and order of the story you rae going to tell. How does your immigration video strt, what key points will you talk about, what is the middle, how does your story end, and so on.

Then turn that narrative into a script where you start thinking about exact images to get, exact wording of titles, exact voice over (vo) and things like that.

Making a movie always starts with a document, the video editing component always comes at the end.


Here is the template example I used in class:

Click here to make a copy or a blank template for your use


If you need to use Google to find images

  • Search for your keyword (topic, place, etc)
  • Click Images
  • Click Tools
  • Change Size to Large
  • Change Usage Rights to Creative Commons
  • Make sure you click the image you want so the full size version pops up
  • Alt-click on the image and Save as
  • Give it an appropriate name
  • Save the image in your Immigration Media folder


If you are unsure of what do to for this assignment, please refer to the 5HE Immigrant Interview Project 2020-2021 document your teacher has shared, and reviewed, with you.




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