5th Grade – Immigration WeVideo – Important Notes

5th graders,

A couple of important reminders

  • A project like this is about layering elements to create a more meaningful, textured, story. Text, images, voice over, and music, all work together to create a more engaging final product than you can achieve if you leave an element out. Video production. is about layering elements to create a deeper narrative.
  • Music should never be higher than 20%
    • music acts as background that sets the mood and tone of the overall video
    • music also connects the different sections of the video that don’t have voice over
      • if you have even a second without your voice speaking then your audience will hear silence. Music helps to smooth those transitions between your segments of voiceover
  • Pictures represent your topic and what your interviewee went through
    • no, you may not have the “perfect” pictures but you can find pictures that represent what your story is about
      • my grandmother came to America is 1913, to Brooklyn, so I have no pictures of that, but I would look for “1913 Brooklyn” pictures or “1913 Ellis Island” pictures to find ones that visually represent things she told me about
      • if I found a picture from 1907 or 1915 that represented what she talked about I would use it, since it was of the same era

As a reminder, may of your questions can be answered in the previous blog post about the script, the original blog post about WeVideo (including tutorials), as well as the HE Immigration Project document.

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