5th Grade – Blogs: Exemplars, Mentor Texts, Vetting Sources

5th graders,

As you work on your blogs and look to other blogs for information and inspiration, it is important to view everything you see with a critical eye. Just because someone has a blog doesn’t mean the information on it is accurate. Blogs are often written from the author’s perspective and have specific opinions and/or biases. In addition, you may find inspiration from a blog who’s content you aren’t interested in. The inspiration can be in the form of layout and design inspiration, or their use of images and links, or the writing voice of the author.

Blogs can be informative, but that information isn’t always factual, and is often provided with the author’s personal opinion as a guiding influence. Look at blogs critically.

In addition, blogs written by many contributors, like a class blog, can also serve as inspiration, even if they aren’t from your grade, school, city or country.

Below are some examples of blogs and sites that all provide inspiration, but all need to be looked at with a critical eye.

Campus Press/EduBlogs Class Blog Directory

Class blog directory


The LivBits blog

Liv is an 11 year old who has blogged for years about her passions, most specifically around reading



Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Not so much a blog, but a well done site, with many great elements of a feature article.



Always check your sources of any topic you are researching. Check at least 3 sources to verify information

Always look at blogs knowing the author is almost always writing from the perspective of a personal opinion or bias.

A blog layout, look, and feel can be an inspiration even if the content isnt.

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