4th Grade – Reading the Weather Ignite Talks

This year 4th graders will be doing Ignite-style talks throughout the year. Ignite talks are traditionally 5 minutes, 20 slides, with slides auto-advancing every 15 seconds. Enlighten us but make it quick is the official tag line of the Ignite Talk organization. We adapt the format for 4th graders. 7 slides, auto-advance every 15 seconds. 1:45 to enlighten us!

The talks will be about various topics and curriculum experience, designed to inform and inspire their audience about what they have learned and experienced.

For the 2021-2022 year 4th graders will begin their Ignite experience by research extreme weather and creating individual Ignite talks to teach us about their chosen weather.

In preparation for these Ignite talks, 4th graders will be reviewing a lot of Ignite talk examples, from professionals and fellow students alike.

Here are some examples:

Ignite Talks



The first task is the narrative and the script, pictures come later…

This is an example of an Ignite planner. It provides an outline, a place for a narrative, and a script organizer…

An Ignite is about telling a story. Students will eventually tell many stories of learning, but it always starts with the text. Pictures come last!


I have done Ignites too:

Here is my Ignite, done on stage in front of an auditorium of teachers.


Before I did the Ignite I created my Ignite Script:

And here is a 2nd version of the same talk, done a few years later…


There will be more lessons and blog posts to follow…

Have fun!

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