2022 Art and Poetry Festival – Part I

The 2022 Heathcote Art and Poetry Festival is almost here! Students have been working on their art and poetry and now they are preparing to share it for the festival.

As has been the last two years, the 2022 Art and Poetry Festival is a virtual one. Every class has it’s own Padlet for sharing their work. This year, students may be creating art and poetry in traditional, no digital, formats but documenting with their devices and sharing on the public walls.

This blog post has tutorials for documenting paper-based work on both iPads and Chromebooks as well as uploading to the class Padlet. In a few weeks another blog post will unveil the complete Heathcote Poetry Festival website…


Documenting Paper-based Work


Publishing to Padlet

In case you want to create your art and/or poetry in digital form, here are some tutorials to help facilitate digital creating…

Creating in Google Drawing:


Creating in Google Docs

Creating in Wixie:


Creating in Seesaw:

Happy creating!

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