CapCon! 2022 – a primer

It’s Capstone season, and that means CapCon! is getting closer. CapCon! is the annual Capstone Learning Conference where students share the stories of their learning.

The Capstone support section of the HeathcoteGateway is up. Use it to get inspiration from previous years, guide your thinking on final presentation format, reference the project guidelines, request support, and much more. Use the site as your first point of reference for all your Capstone needs.

While the Capstone support site has links to all the previous CapCon! events and videos, we wanted to highlight a couple of specific examples of each format to give you a sense of the length, quality, and depth of content students create and share. Below are a few examples, but definitely check out the previous year’s playlists to find hundreds of examples.

TED-style/inspired Talks

The Science and Psychology behind Dreams, by Lana

this was done in 2017, the video is dark and the audio isn’t great, we, as teachers, have learned a lot about recording live presentations since then. The key component of this example is to look at the creativity, the way she presented her information in a non-traditional way

What contributes to a hotel’s success? by Alex

Indian Deserts by Lilac


Ignite Presentations

Social Media’s Impact on Makeup Artists by Gia

Uber by Summer


Sleep Deprivation by Jonah

Cats, by Jeiting

Use these

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