Final Capstone Blog Post

Yesterday we presented our Capstone projects and I think mine went pretty well. But my family was mad because they didn’t want to sit and watch everyone’s Capstone, they just wanted to see mine. I had to wait 30 minutes until my presentation was up and mine was only 3 minutes long. While I was presenting I was very nervous but I didn’t make any mistakes. I think that the Capstone project will be helpful later on because when I am in high school or collage and I have to give a speech in front of a group of people I will know what to do because I had practice in middle school and Capstone. lastly I want to thank Ms. Boyer, Mr. Casal, and also my two interviewees Jaime Casap and James.

Capstone Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions

For capstone, we don’t just have to research a topic, but you also have to research a main inquiry question and 5-7 sub questions.

My main inquiry question is “how does google influence people’s daily lives today”. My original question was “what makes google so popular?”. But after a little revision I got “how does google influence people today”, but again I decided that that wasn’t good enough. Luckily, I got a little help from my teacher Ms. Boyer and my final question is “how does google influence people’s daily lives today?” and that, I decided was a good question so I stuck with it. 😉 My sub questions are “when was google started?”, “what is next for google?”, “What are some of google’s biggest rivals?”, “How many people go to google search every day?”, and ” what is PageRank?”

Capstone choosing a topic

Every year the whole 5th grade in the district does a huge research project called capstone. Each student has to pick a topic and research that topic and put together a slideshow or a mini movie for our final creation.

For capstone I chose my topic to be Google. I chose this topic because I am interested in technology and interested in google so I decided to pick the topic of google. Did you know that google was originally called backrub? Google is a great topic and that is why I picked it for capstone. 😉

Stop Motion #1

My class is doing a project about immigration. We are supposed to make a stop motion clip about immigration. For this project, the class was split into groups. My group is Jack F, Leo, and me. Each group had a topic. My group’s topic is immigration then and now. Our process is to do research, then we will start making our script, after that we will create our props for our stop motion clip.The next part is hard, we have to film our stop motion clip. It had to be at least 1 minute long and each second will have 12 photos. That’s 720 photos a minute.

Snow day

Yesterday we had a snow day and I did nothing but played video games and watched tv. I played on my wii and on my phone and I did happen to go out for about 15 minutes. The one thing I did with my family was play this trivia game but it was from 20 years ago so most of the questions were out of date. That is pretty much all I did yesterday.


Music Response

Yesterday I finished a project in music where we used garage band and made our own songs and tried to make them sound like jaws. This is my Reflection.

I liked the garage band project because we got to use the ipads. I didn’t Use my EKG because I think that mine is is very inaccurate. It was fun to use garage band because you get to be creative.

Here is a link to my song.


Expert Lecture #5

Today Jackie Bastardi from Curious on Hudson came in and talked about mechanical  engineering. It was so interesting. In the beginning she talked about why she became a mechanical engineer. Later She talked about a lot of fun things she gets to do as an engineer. And at the end she showed my class how to make a kazoo out of straws, popsicle sticks, paper, and rubber bands. That’s all that you need. Also the kazoos worked really well and made a cool noise! I had a lot a lot of fun in this expert lecture and I look forward to the next one! 🙂

The kazoos looked a little like this.


Expert Lecture #3

On Friday Rush’s dad came in and talked about the Supreme Court. He said that he clerked for one of the nine justices. Did you know that there is a higher court than that, it is called the highest court in the land. It is a basketball court that is actually directly on top of the supreme court. Some times people play before or after a ruling. Mr. Schwartz also talked about some very famous cases like brown v. board of education. At the end he gave a a mini quiz and if we got most of the answers right we got a booklet of the constitution of the United States of America.

My Thanksgiving Break

My Thanksgiving break was not that fun for me. The only thing that was fun was when I went to my cousins house. When I was there I had a little fun because I had not been in that house for at least five years. At my cousins house I played ping pong and ate thanksgiving dinner. My cousins and I also played some lacrosse in their backyard and we had so much fun, but when I had to leave I did not want to, because to get home we had to go on a four hour drive.


The only other reason that my break was good was because there was NO SCHOOL 🙂 !

The entire rest of the break I just sat in my house bored. 🙁 My mom wanted me to go to  the bass pro shop to get pictures with Santa. I did not want to go because it is at least an hour drive, and I know that is is just some guy dressed up as santa and not actual santa. While I was sitting in my house bored I also started my Christmas list. That is all I did on my thanksgiving weekend.