Launch Reflection 2

Welcome to launch reflection 2! After launch reflection 1 we were told to change one thing about our rocket we were thinking and thinking and… we’ve got an idea! We have decided to change our fins by adding two more above and parallel to each other. Then after that.. were launching our second time! It was really windy so we didn’t go as high as we hoped for, but still it was really fun! This time I was at the pump. We didn’t go as high as last time, but our rocket survived! I hope you enjoyed my second launch!

Launch Reflection

Hello! This is my rocket launch reflection. Yes, we launched rockets today. So lets get started! This is my research process. I think all this research we did wasn’t my favorite. It wasn’t my favorite because it was hard work, really hard work. Next, we did our inspiration boards. These we’re really fun because we got to print stuff out, cut stuff out, glue the pictures on to colorful paper, and glue them on to a giant poster! It was also fun because me and my teammates worked really well together. After that we built our rockets. This was one of the best parts. We got to roll paper, make a nose cone, glue cardboard fins on our rockets, and decorate them. This was great because I love to build stuff with cardboard. Then we prepared for our launch. We practiced using the clinometers, which were much easier than I thought. We also prepared by by setting up our clipboard buckets and decorated them. Finally, we launched our rockets! So for the first launch, my group wasn’t doing anything. For the second group my group was doing something. We were measuring and recording. I was recording. For the third group, we launched! Ours went really high!! And after that we were really excited because ours was the second highest! I hope you liked my launch process!

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Ignite Presentation Reflection

When we all filed in to the computer lab my stomach was in a knot. A big, long, knot. I was number 19, and there were pretty much 23 kids going to present. So I was like, last. Finally. I was up! I looked at camera nervously, and I started talking. Hello! I’m Jacob… and so on. One of my greatest regrets was my wording. It sounded.. off. One of greatest achievements was my enthusiasm. I was loud and proud! Some people were like: Hi.. this is my ignite.. it is about the.. yeah. Like that. I enjoyed the ignite. I hope you like my reflection!!

King George What Was His Problem? (Reflection)

I love this book. It is great. One of my favorite parts is  when the Americans dumped loads of tea into the Boston harbor. This is event is known to us as The Boston Tea Party. One of the things I am still thinking about is when Benjamin Franklin convinced the french to team up with them against the British. One of my questions is why is it called “The Boston Tea Party,” if there is no tea?

American Revolution #1

The Question Is: So far,  what are you most interested in learning more about?

My Response: I am looking forward to learn more about the Boston Tea Party in the future and the intolerable acts. I am excited to learn more about the American Revolution and the Boston Tea Party and the intolerable acts.

Colony Reflection

I learned that making a poster was not as easy as I thought it would be. So when I started making it my teacher said I had “Too much text” so I executed some of my writing. Then I had to execute some more writing, Finally, when I was finished it was amazing. This poster making was pretty hard, but now I am a poster making master!! There was something much harder though. It was building our colony. We had to make structures out of cardboard, then we had to paint them. That was really messy. The best part was getting messy and silly with the paint. Almost everyone was painting, and some of the kids painted their hands! After all, it was great but hard work.


Final Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder – 4

One thing that stayed with me after wonder was Jack Will’s friendship to August. Jack Will is really nice to August. He has a great bond with August. For example they were such good friends that when Julian (mean, disliked, rude, neglecting, sly, afraid of being different) insulted August so much that it got on Jack’s nerves and he punched Julian, knocking out a baby tooth. This shows that Jack is willing to do almost anything for friendship. Jack Will is my favorite character in the book and the movie. But I do like all of the characters. But Julian, no so much.

Charlie’s Wish

I  think Charlie’s wish is “I wish my broken family would come back together,”. I think this because since we first started the book, her mom could not get her feet on the ground. Her dad also was in jail since we first started the book. Her sister, Jackie was living at her friends house since we first started the book. That’s why I think “I wish my broken family would come back together,” is charlie’s wish.