About Me Project

For the about me project, I decided to put my favorite things. It was a really good project, and here’s why. I liked learning the new coding skills, so it was super fun to learn more, and I liked the project when I was finished, so everything about the project is amazing. Overall, I would give it an 11/10 In the future, I’ll Be very excited to do more of these.

Computer Science is Changing Everything

Today I watched a video about computer science. It had loads of people talking about all the things that computer science is. I learned that Mark Zuckerberg created facebook in his college dorm, not expecting for millions of people to use his creation on the daily. There was also a woman saying that computer science can be anything, for example her workplace had fashion and was involving computer science. This proves my point. Overall, I definitely agree that computer science is changing everything.

Capstone Part 2: Interview

For my interview, I interviewed Abby Powell. She is a professor at the University Of Florida. She studies all about birds. I was nervous to interview her, but it wasn’t bad at all. It was fun, I got all my questions answered, with lots and lots of facts. I didn’t expect to learn so much from the interview. I definitely recommend interviewing for research. It helps way more than I expected. I thought I would get a little bit of notes, but I got heaps of information. Overall, I’d say interviewing was one of the many great parts of this Capstone project, and I would love to interview somebody else for future research projects.


Capstone Part 1

My topic for capstone is bird adaptations and migration. My main inquiry question is, “How have birds adapted over time to survive during the winter?” The thing that was most helpful in choosing my main inquiry question was over viewing my curriculum wheel. Without it, I wouldn’t have been as prepared to make my main inquiry question. One thing that was challenging was narrowing my subject down way smaller. At first my subject was just animal adaptations, but then I had to turn it into all about bird adaptations, and the way they migrate. What I have learned about myself as a learner is that I am very dedicated to my subjects and work really hard to make the best of what I have got. 

Curling Field Trip

Yesterday, we went to a curling field trip. Curling is a fun sport on ice, and our gym teacher wanted to let us play on real ice. These are instructions on curling there is: Lead, Second, Third, and Skip. When Lead throws, Second and Third sweep. When Second goes, Lead and Third sweep. When the third goes, Lead and second sweep. The skip doesn’t sweep. He calls when to sweep and when not to. You do rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to chose between the stone color, or the hammer. The hammer is the last shot. The hammer means you get to knock out other stones. Next, you play and whoever has the most points at the end, wins!  So, we went to the Ardsley  Curling Club and we got started. We got put into groups and we were assigned an instructor. Our instructor was nice, and we practiced throwing, sweeping, skipping, and much more. Then we were ready to start playing a match. We got into positions and my teammate went. He didn’t score. After a bunch of more turns, we ended up winning the match! I loved curling and I look forward to trying it again. You should try curling too! Curling is a sport of all ages, so anyone can play it. I hope you enjoyed this blog post!


Feature Article Reflection

So in school, our teacher assigned us a partner and we were going to pick a school-related topic, to make a feature article. Our group got together and we came up with a topic. Our first topic was the school bathrooms because they were you know, not-so-good. We were on a roll until we realized there was nothing to write down.

So we tried another topic. That topic was the school lockers. We researched the size lockers should be, wrote down some intros, and then we had a draft. But, we needed much more info. So, we decided to interview our vice principal and my sister. That was a big help. Our vice-principal told us that she agreed that we should’ve had bigger lockers. My sister said that she can’t fit all of her stuff in her locker.

Then we had a bunch of information, but then we realized that we didn’t have any photos so we took some pictures of the lockers to show our readers the size and just so they get an idea of what we are talking about.

Then we thought we were perfectly finished with our feature article, but our teacher thought otherwise. She said that we couldn’t just slap some information onto a page and expect it to be amazing. “You need to organize your work and choose the font, the letter sizing and much more,”.

So we got to work, finalizing our pages, making everything look picture perfect adding the perfect size, and then… it looked amazing! My partners and I were so proud of each other that we had done the job.

Then we printed out the final copy, It was so cool. It looked like an article in the newspaper! That is my feature article journey. I hope you enjoyed!!

Launch Reflection 2

Welcome to launch reflection 2! After launch reflection 1 we were told to change one thing about our rocket we were thinking and thinking and… we’ve got an idea! We have decided to change our fins by adding two more above and parallel to each other. Then after that.. were launching our second time! It was really windy so we didn’t go as high as we hoped for, but still it was really fun! This time I was at the pump. We didn’t go as high as last time, but our rocket survived! I hope you enjoyed my second launch!

This is a video that documents my rocketry experience. Come check it out!

Launch Reflection

Hello! This is my rocket launch reflection. Yes, we launched rockets today. So lets get started! This is my research process. I think all this research we did wasn’t my favorite. It wasn’t my favorite because it was hard work, really hard work. Next, we did our inspiration boards. These we’re really fun because we got to print stuff out, cut stuff out, glue the pictures on to colorful paper, and glue them on to a giant poster! It was also fun because me and my teammates worked really well together. After that we built our rockets. This was one of the best parts. We got to roll paper, make a nose cone, glue cardboard fins on our rockets, and decorate them. This was great because I love to build stuff with cardboard. Then we prepared for our launch. We practiced using the clinometers, which were much easier than I thought. We also prepared by by setting up our clipboard buckets and decorated them. Finally, we launched our rockets! So for the first launch, my group wasn’t doing anything. For the second group my group was doing something. We were measuring and recording. I was recording. For the third group, we launched! Ours went really high!! And after that we were really excited because ours was the second highest! I hope you liked my launch process!

Coming Up Next: Launch Reflection 2!

Ignite Presentation Reflection

When we all filed in to the computer lab my stomach was in a knot. A big, long, knot. I was number 19, and there were pretty much 23 kids going to present. So I was like, last. Finally. I was up! I looked at camera nervously, and I started talking. Hello! I’m Jacob… and so on. One of my greatest regrets was my wording. It sounded.. off. One of greatest achievements was my enthusiasm. I was loud and proud! Some people were like: Hi.. this is my ignite.. it is about the.. yeah. Like that. I enjoyed the ignite. I hope you like my reflection!!