November 21

Thinking About Prototyping

Hi High School buddies! How’s the project going? Have you made any prototypes yet? We sketched out our ideas for possible solutions in the Edgewood spaces. You can take a look at our drawings in this folder. We are going to try to make prototypes soon. We’re thinking of making our models out of cardstock or using Tinkercad to design 3D models. We’re looking forward to seeing your ideas. Good luck with your work!

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5 thoughts on “Thinking About Prototyping

  1. Jordan Pragya Tyler

    ROOM 2: The separation of shelves to make some shelves more convenient for the kids and to have some shelves more convenient for the teacher was a great idea and should definitely be included in the final idea. One thing to think about is how the toys can be separated by type and how that can be labelled easily. Another thing to think about is the size of the shelves. Would separating the shelves by height make it harder to have different size shelves for the different toys.

  2. David Erik Lianne

    The idea of cubbies with holes in the back is a good idea which makes the robot easily accessible, visible and charging at the same time. One part to think about is how would other kids be able to reach in the back and bring the charging chord around the charge the robot.

  3. equirke20

    Room 18 – Mod Squad

    Funny, we came up with practically the same ideas you did. This makes things really easy because we effectively now only have to choose which variation of the design we think works best. Can you explain more about your designs? Do they all have to do with creating a locker type form? Are there any wild ideas that you have thought of? Overall, all of these designs can be really effective in organizing your backpacks, but how can we make sure that people will have their own cubby space? Should we use name tags to make sure everything is organized? What materials should we use to make these storage spaces?

  4. Hannah Lamport

    Art Room (Kung Fu)

    We really liked your ideas about separating the fragile from non-fragile projects and we agree that this is an important problem to solve. You guys seem to have two different ideas: in the first one, the projects are first separated by class, then by fragile/non-fragile, vs. in the second one, where there are two separate shelves for fragile/non-fragile, which are then separated by class. (Please let us know if we got anything wrong here or if there’s anything you guys want to explain more)
    We liked how the first one keeps all materials for each class together, making it organized. We liked how the second one separates the locations for fragile vs. non-fragile projects since it could prevent crowding around one area. It might be a good idea to find a compromise between the two ideas so that you guys could get both benefits. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that 4th and 5th graders are much taller compared to the Kindergartners, so you guys might want to find a way to order the shelves in a way that everybody would be able to reach their projects. One suggestion we have is to think about the design itself: maybe you guys could change the shapes of the shelves in order to show the artistic spirit of the classroom.
    Also, once you come up with an idea, it might be a good idea to add in an explanation on the side of the drawing so that you guys can better communicate your thoughts.
    We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next!

  5. abernstein19

    Professional Room Reply: Andrew Ty Ashley
    It looks really good, and we like your additions. We have a few comments and questions to help us work together and improve your ideas! First, we definitely agree with keeping tables there, but would you rather many round tables or the larger rectangle ones? Which one will help group work more? The bean bags are a super cool idea that we agree with! Would you prefer a larger beanbag work space or just the one that you drew in? We noticed that you added books to the bookshelves and decided to keep the shelves lining the walls. By keeping this, what were you trying to accomplish? Who will be reading these books and what books will they be? Are the books going to bed read in the room or in other spaces (library, classroom)? Overall, we love everything you have done, and want to continue working to make this room as amazing as possible!


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