Camp friends are AWESOME


Have you ever been to sleepaway camp? It can be awesome but it can be hard and stressful. The best part of camp is making good friends! My camp friends are always by my side making me feel better. They are by my side when people are bullying, when I get hurt, and most importantly, they are by my side when I am scared trying something new.     

One reason that camp friends are by my side is because if someone was being mean to me they would make me feel better. For example, once we were at the movies we were watching “Finding Dory” something happened that wasn’t good. Once the movie was over I saw the “bully of camp” ( me and my friends call her that). She tripped me and she sprained my ankle. My friends helped me all the time after that happened, that is why camp friends are important.

 The second reason is that my camp friends have the kind heart to do it. For another example, once the “bully of camp” said that freckles are for freaks and that I was stupid. My friend heard that so, one of my friends got me a cookie and flavored water (this is my favorite combo). Also she told the whole bunk that I was getting bullied so they planned a party for us! I know they are overreacting right?

I especially think that this reason is important, the reason is that they are by my side when I am scared trying something new. Once the first year that I went to camp I wanted to try acting. I was super scared to do acting because I thought that I did not have an amazing voice. Most of my friends tried to make me feel better and confident about myself.  So I auditioned for the lead role and they said that I had a legendary voice! I was so excited. It was happy and super excited to get the lead role. After that moment, I realized that friends can help with anything!

Camp friends are always by my side. They are the best friends you will ever have! You should remember that you don’t have your whole life with them so spend as much time as you can with them. Camp friends are one of the most important people in the world! THEY ARE AWESOME!  


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