Computer Tech Post #1 – About Me Project

Our first assignment for computer tech was to try out Scratch and make a project including sprites and backdrops to make people learn more about us. It was pretty fun and taught me many cool things I can do with this coding application. Anyway, I included many different sprites in my project. I also got images from my photos and others from the internet. I included a soccer player, because my favorite sport is soccer, a water polo player, because my second-favorite sport is water polo, my fish, a plate of different fruits, (oranges and watermelon are my favorite), a snare drum, hi-hat, and suspended cymbal, because I play percussion, and one of my favorite books, The Hobbit, because I love to read. Lastly, I made my backdrop blue because it’s my favorite color. The link below will take you to my project…



Passion Project (Picking a Passion) – Post #1

Mr. Turner assigned us a passion project. A passion project is one that is related to something that we are interested in and it can be anything. We are supposed to present to the class once we finish it. The project will last for five weeks. This past week was the first one, so we all had to choose our passion.

In school, Mr. Turner gave us a brainstorming sheet. We wrote down the things that we like, what we’re good at, what we wonder about, etc. After seeing a couple of examples of what students in the past have done, I got an idea.

I’ve thought how cool stop motion is and have wanted to make a video since I was about eight years old, after I saw one that a friend of mine made at a workshop. So I thought to myself that maybe I could do that for my project.

After more thinking, I narrowed down to three choices: making kind of like a sculpture out of recycled materials, doing a freestyle soccer trick, or making a stop motion video. I finally chose what I’m going to do. I decided to make a stop motion video of an action figure kicking a soccer ball and scoring a goal, but I don’t know what materials I’m going to use yet. Maybe I could make the action figure out of recycled materials, so then I have a little bit of my other choice as well.

6th Grade Tech – Post #1

This is my first SMS post. It’s going to be about my quarterly period – Technology. Based on some of the pictures I’ve seen from last year it looks like we’ll be doing really cool projects. I’ll write all about them.

The thing that sort of worries me are the machines. We have to be extra careful in the classroom because when a machine is running and if someone else is fooling around, they could accidentally knock someone over who’s using one, and that person could get SERIOUSLY injured. There are other safety rules that we had to go over as well. Like, don’t leave a machine running while your not using it at the moment.

Mr. Calvert said that he wants us to have at least 10 blog posts by the end of the quarter. They can be reflections on our projects or something else that we did in the classroom.

Anyway, I’m really excited and I’m looking forward to writing more posts!

Rube Goldberg – Post #1

For this Rube Goldberg project, I am working with Nick, and we are going to make our machine push a soccer ball into a net under five minutes. We’ve been planning on how we are going to make it, and luckily we’ve made some progress! At first Nick and I decided we were going to make our machine turn off the lights, but then we changed our minds because we both like soccer and we thought the soccer ball idea would be more fun. We’ve been brainstorming on the steps together at school and working on our sketches separately. Right now we have eight steps figured out, but we would like to make it more complicated so that it’s more interesting to watch. What we know for sure is that we want to use several balls that get progressively bigger ending with a soccer ball. We also want to use dominoes because we like the way they fall and the cool sound they make. I hope our machine will be successful!