Learning about Instruments

Some of the things that I learned when researching about instruments are:

1. That most of the instruments are made from Maple, Mahogany, and rosewood.

2. Another things that I learned is that the material that you hit on the drum when making sound is made out of animals skin.

3. Another things that I learned is that some of the wood that is used to build guitars are made form Koa and basswood to get the amplified game sound and get it to sound ugh nicer.


Thank You,




I love building things with my dad because we always do fun projects and other things. I wanted a computer and i heard that you could build  one you self. I did 5 months of reader hours and i knew all the parts and everything’s that was compatible. I ordered and found the parts by myself. Once it came i built it which took about 2 days and i booted it up. I built it by myself because my dad didn’t know much but it was fun showing him. I was so happy after completing it. This was one of my favorite experiences.

Thank you.

Solder Man

In my tech class we are doing these thing called, “Solder Man.” And it is soldering, but we take wire and Make it into body parts and solder them together. I am having a lot of fun with this soldering stuff, and hopefully I do it more. See you.


In tech class, we are working on switches for a game. I’ll talk about the game in a different post. But the Switches are made out of all the materials that are in the class. The metal that we are using to conduct the electricity is tinfoil, but we only have a limited amount. One of my best switches so far, is just a switch that you could press down and it will work. I’m having a fun time doing these switches, and can’t wait to do more.

Static Electricity

I think that Static electricity is a cool thing to mess around with. Because you could shock your friends with it. You could shock your friends if you have something rough, to rub your feet against. Once you do that you can tap your friends and shock them. Static electricity is something that i’m happy about.

About Soldering

Soldering is a fun thing to do but it is also a skill. You do soldering when you have to make a circuit. Soldering is a metal rod that gets up to 900 decrease that can easily burn metal. You take a type of metal wire and you put it against the circuit and melt the metal onto the circuit. That’s why when you see a circuit, it has little domes on the platform of the circuit. I am going to be learning more about soldering in 6 grade, and I am looking forward to it.

Dunkirk Capstone


Lately I’ve been studying the war of Dunkirk and how it played a roll  in French and British  history.

Many things happened during that war. When Germany invaded Poland, they left France and Great Britain

to be invaded. This marked the start of World War ll. Dunkirk is the port they used to evacuate form the terror of the Luftwaffe. (Luftwaffe was the German air force.) More than 338,000 soldiers were evacuated .

They used the English channel to travel back to great Britain.

I can’t wait to blog more about my topic.

Buddy writing

My buddy is an amazing writer. He puts a lot of thought into his writing. His favorite part of his writing is at the end when he made all of his brownies. He was confident when he walked on the pond, and he wasn’t scared. He said that it was one of his favorite stories and he is super happy about it. It was one of his favorite stories because he got to spend some alone time with his dad. One of his favorite sports is hockey.  He is going to keep writing stories and sharing them. His cover was the best cover he drew  so far.

Christmas vacation

As you guys problem already know, it was Christmas vacation. And during that vacation I did a lot of cool things. Its been a while since my last vacation, so I forgot how fun it really is.

You could do many things on vacation, like go to a tropical place or even stay home.

My family didn’t go anywhere, So we can spend more family time.

Hope you guys had a great Christmas.