Final Tech Blog post

Its the end of the year, and the end of technology 6 quarterly. While having to do the whole quarterly online and on zoom definitely isn’t as fun as being at school in person, it wasn’t too bad. To recap all the things I learned during tech :

Glue and adhesives

Mechanical engineering and the different shapes and their strengths

i beams

Simple machines

Work, levers and gears


electrons, protons neutrons



As a final post for tech 6, I would like to thank mr. Calvert for an amazing e-learning tech experience.

Electricity around us

Electricity is all around us. We use it to power things, to make heat and light, and to cool things. Many of us have electrical sockets in nearly every room in the house. Whether we use these to charge an iPhone or to plug in a fan, we are still using electricity. From driving a car, to something as easy as turning on the lights, these all use electricity. We don’t appreciate electricity for what it is, and the use of electricity has become so commonplace us, that we almost forget that it was ever there. Us humans rely on  electricity so much, but don’t give it the appreciation it deserves. So the next time you go somewhere, look at everything, and realize how much electricity is around you. Learn about electricity, realize how much electricity we depend us, and appreciate it.

Where does gold come from?

Gold is one of the most electrical conductive elements in the world. However, gold doesn’t come from this world. Gold is the byproduct of supernovas, or when a star collapses on itself and explodes. The large amounts of energy allow heavy elements to be created such as gold. It is created in a second and then distributed out into space.  Uranium can also be created. This explains why gold is so expensive, and is not found in large quantities at once.