Rejoice it’s almost Pie dya.?

Title: Rejoice! It’s almost Pi(e) Day!

Article Date: 3/9/19

On March, 14 it will be Pi day. Pi day is named after the math concept Pi. Pi has infinite numbers starting with 3.14 that’s why it’s on March 14. Pi is a very popular and important concept most people know what it is.  Pi can be used for math , science , coding , and technology. Most scientists encourage more kids to use STEM it helps with mathematics science ans tech. Just knowing a few of Pi’s first numbers doesn’t really  matter because Pi actually is very advanced and few people know what it actually means and not many used it so , learning it means you’re good at mathematics. If you know it you probably know calculus,  algebra , and much much more. Pi is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to it’s diameter. No matter what, if the circle is a perfect circle you will get 3.1459265…… Pi day was first celebrated in 1988, in San Francisco. Pi was

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