Rube Goldberg #4

Finally a Success

It was our second testing day, attempt number 41. Eli’s dad just got to my house to pick up Eli and we were running out of time for the day. We had been charging Guardian (an Anki Overdrive battery-powered car). Everything was set up perfectly except Guardian. Since we had been charging Guardian, it had a bit too much power and we couldn’t keep it in the normal spot. Every time we put it down, it would just plow its way onto the track and we needed it to stay put. We put it further off the track so it would stop moving. I ran to get Eli’s phone before Guardian could go.

We started the video and Eli said, “Attempt 41” and turned on the shower. After five seconds, the pitcher swung in to the door which hit the video game pieces, which then hit the Jenga pieces and then the Jenga pieces barely hit the Anki overdrive car. At first the car didn’t move and Eli already started yelling, “Noooo!”  I was ready to stop the video when the car started shaking and was about to get on the track. Boom! It got on! Yesssss! But NOOOO! It then spun off the track. We didn’t have time to stop the video before it came back on after doing a 360 degree turn. It somehow made it up our ramp and hit the next step, a pool ball. The ball bumped the button on the WoBoto remote which knocked down the Jenga pieces. Next a Magnatile hit the marble with a string attached to it. The marble pulled down the Magnatile that was in front of the train.

The train was now chugging on its way. We were so excited that I stopped focusing on the camera. Eli kept yelling, “What just happened? What just happened?” He was so excited that he said it around ten times. Next the train hit the Jenga pieces which knocked down the subway train. That caused the bike wheel to spin, which pulled out the first popiscle stick of a chain reaction. All the popsicle sticks went down. It was the best run we’d ever had! At the end of the popsicle stick chain, the heavy marble came down which pulled the string holding the Jenga piece that blocked Thomas the Train. The final stretch was when Thomas the Train pushed the rose into the vase. YYYYEEEEESSSS! We were jumping up and down, but then we watched the video and realized it was garbage! I had forgotten all about video taping and missed taping many of the steps. I was so disappointed. I think we might need to do it again!

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  1. I love how you included a set of reactions and emotions as an effect on the project. You expressed your emotions through the video taping part of the blog post, and made it really entertaining to [ersonally read. It really set up the next blog post as a positive “looking forward to” from my point. (Not saying that all of your other blog posts were not good) It reminded me of a movie that is just way better in lettered because of the different level of expression and understanding that you have when reading, compared to viewing/watching. This was a very stable and promising blog post.

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