Welcome to the Fifth Grade!

Dear Fifth Grader,
I am so excited to be welcoming you to Fifth Grade! Tuesday, We are going to have a fantastic year together!
I have spent the summer thinking about and putting together great projects, ideas, and units that we will spend the year exploring. So, to get your minds ready for this year, spend some time over these next few weeks thinking about how we can help make Fifth Grade a great year for you. What will your goals be? How can we work together to achieve them? These are some year-long conversations that we will begin as soon as you arrive in September. Don’t worry about not having answers to these questions right away! Our learning experiences and reflections will be our guides to an exciting and enriching year. Every new day or experience will be an opportunity to add something special to our class. While you are waiting for the first day of school to roll around, I hope that you are reading and practicing your addition, subtraction, division and multiplication facts!
On the first day of school please bring in a few books (2) that you read this summer.  Also, please bring three current pictures of yourself. 
I can’t wait for our first day together! 
These are the school supplies you will need if you haven’t ordered a PTA supply box:
  • Five marble composition books
  • Ten glue sticks
  • One box of colored pencils
  • One box of twistable crayons (crayons in a hard, twistable sleeve)
  • 50 pencils
  • 1 pink eraser
  • One box of tissues
  • Two yellow highlighters
  • Two packages of 3”x3” lined post-its
  • One blue two-pocket folder
  • 1 package of thin markers
  • 1 package of thick markers
Mrs. Robert

Conference Time is Almost Here! Please check PT Wizard to confirm your appointment!
A note about conferences….
  It is hard to believe that in a few short days, November will be behind us! That means that before we know it, it will be report card and conference time. When reviewing the report card, please keep in mind that grading is based on fourth grade standards. It may look very different from your child’s third grade report card. It is not uncommon for students moving up in the grades to find that skills they once seemed to have well in hand, require renewed attention and maintenance. This is important information that lets us know as parents and teachers that students are still growing and emerging as learners, and as the requirements for mastery intensify, so does the need for goal setting. This is the first of three report cards and the hope is that each subsequent report card will reflect improvement.
  When your child’s report card comes home, please take some time to review and discuss it positively and with encouragement. It is important for your child to know that he or she is supported and progressing. We are all working together toward improvement!
I look forward to seeing you at our scheduled conference time.

World Math Day 

Get ready Heathcote! World Math Day is coming to our school on Wednesday, October 14th. 
Educational math games and activities can add up to a lot of fun! Throughout the day, all students K-5 will have the opportunity to enjoy and participate in math games, activities, and challenges designed to get them thinking and motivated about math. It’s a school wide, one-day celebration meant to encourage students to see math as fun, exciting, and relevant. Even Ms. Stile will get in on the fun with a giant estimation jar that she will share with each class, challenging students to use their math thinking and number sense skills to make an accurate guess. Whether its classroom activities, recess games with buddies, or engaging homework puzzlers, every student will end they day saying that World Math Day at Heathcote was a day to remember!