Stronger By Janelle Monae

Here is the link to the video Stronger 


To me, this song means to stop discrimination and have peace. People want to be equal and not to be left out. People want to protest because they cannot be in the government. They want to be stronger and they can’t be, and they want to try new things and not be forced out. It makes me feel like I should let everybody be equal and not be stopped. We need to make a change.

The artist might be saying that you are getting stronger. It helps you have more perseverance and bravery to stand up for your rights. Other questions I have are how brave was it for the person to stand up for the rights, and how did they stop discrimination? This is one of the videos that want to make me stand up for other people, too. The lyrics make me happy.

Thank you for reading this, and I will see you next time.

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