Constitution Project

I think the purpose of this unit is to let students learn about many important things or people involving the Constitution. It also relates to the Bill of Rights because it has something to do with the Constitution. Everyone had to choose a topic that they liked. Then they had to follow many steps to complete the project. I chose Benjamin Franklin for my project because he was significant, and I wanted to know why he got printed on the 100-dollar bill. I also knew that he was smart and only had two years of education. I wanted to learn more about him.

It was not very hard, but it was not too easy either. The first step in the project was the research. I went through many websites, such as Benjamin Franklin WikipediaDucksters (Ben Franklin), and History (Ben Franklin). From all these websites, I got a lot of information about Ben Franklin. Next, we had to write an essay which is like a narrative. The narrative was manageable because we just had to put all the information we had together and organize it. Then we had to take the parts out of the report and turn them into a script. The script tells you what to say. After that, we made a slideshow to show images of what we were saying. Finally, we made ScreenCastify record our slideshow.

I think the most challenging part of the project was to find information. There were a lot of topics we had to find information about, and it wasn’t easy. I enjoyed searching for images because I found some great photos for the slideshow. Two important facts I learned about him are that he had a wide variety of jobs, including being a commander in the French and Indian War. He had also learned a lot even though he did not have a lot of education. Another challenging part was the script. It was hard to read the writing without fumbling or stopping when not supposed to. If we stuttered or stopped one time, we had to restart. Fortunately, I found a trick to read the words on the screen without showing it. I messed up a lot and had to rerecord a lot of times. I tried about 30 times, then deleted some of them because they were flawed. Finally, I got a perfect recording. 

I thought this project was perfect. I am very proud of doing a lot of research, and it was fun for me. It has been great learning so much about Ben Franklin. I liked doing the whole project, and I am glad the ScreenCastify we made will get posted on YouTube. This project is the best one so far. Here is a link to the ScreenCastify I made Ben Franklin ScreenCastify

Record-Breaking Tornadoes

Record-Breaking Tornadoes Reflection and Feature Article

I came up with this topic because tornadoes are terrifying and destructive, and I want people to learn about them. If many people learn about tornadoes, they can keep themselves safe. Then they can share their knowledge and make more people safe. That is what the world would be like if people share their knowledge.

I think the statistics were the best aspect of the article because it teaches people about tornadoes. It is good to know the chances of a tornado being an EF5 tornado or the probability of being blown away by the wind. The fun facts also teach us about tornadoes and where they happen, and which place has the most tornadoes in the world. It was very challenging to come up with these facts, but I did my best to learn about tornadoes and give people knowledge.

Some techniques I used in this article are comparisons about percents and facts about tornadoes. I also was using facts that I know from books and sources. I am still learning more and more every day. I am glad and I hope everyone will remain safe from tornadoes.

I am most proud of getting all this knowledge and I am still learning more about tornadoes because I find them very interesting. Due to global warming, there will be more tornadoes. I am glad I can help people when they are in the path of a tornado.

A feature article is very different from a personal narrative because it doesn’t talk about what happened in your life. Another difference is that a narrative talks about a certain time in your life. However, a feature article does not. It is similar, too. One thing that is similar is that it all talks about a certain topic. For example, I did a narrative about the first time I walked home by myself. My feature article is about tornadoes. That shows that there are certain topics for a narrative and a feature article.

Comparison between Fly Away Home and Smoky Night

There are many similarities to Smoky Night and Fly Away Home. One example of that is that both themes of the book are don’t lose hope. In both of the stories, there is something that gives them hope; Fly Away Home has the bird which gives Andrew hope and in Smoky Night, there is Jasmine, the cat that gives Daniel hope. Another similarity is that both of them-Andrew and Daniel have something bad that has happened to them. For example, Andrew is homeless and had to live in the airport. Daniel, during the riots, had his apartment burned.

There are also some differences too. For example, Andrew lives in the airport while Daniel lives in a good apartment. They also have different dangers. Andrew and his dad live in the airport, so they have the danger of being caught. If they got caught, they would have nowhere to live, except on the street. And Daniel’s dad hates living on the streets. On the other hand, Daniel has the danger of being depressed and he could get killed by the fire. That would be really bad.

So that is what I think of the similarities and differences between the two stories. Thank you for reading this post.

We the People: These are your Rights By Adam Lambert

Here is a link to the video; These are your rights.

I think the most important right for a citizen to have are search warrants. The police should not be allowed inside without a search warrant because they have no reason to mess with other people’s stuff unless they are suspected of a crime and the police have a search warrant. The most important right for a student to have is religion. It doesn’t matter if they are colored; they should still get the same teaching and learn the same things. I think all citizens should get the same rights because it is unfair for other people if they are not allowed to do something, but other people are allowed. That is how things should be fair. Rights should be limited. You should not be allowed to use your guns that are supposed to be used to keep animals away for killing people. I think one right that we don’t have, but we should have is share. Poor people that are poor and can’t afford homes should get a nice place to live. We should be kind to everyone here. That is why they should get everything they need to live. 


Stronger By Janelle Monae

Here is the link to the video Stronger 


To me, this song means to stop discrimination and have peace. People want to be equal and not to be left out. People want to protest because they cannot be in the government. They want to be stronger and they can’t be, and they want to try new things and not be forced out. It makes me feel like I should let everybody be equal and not be stopped. We need to make a change.

The artist might be saying that you are getting stronger. It helps you have more perseverance and bravery to stand up for your rights. Other questions I have are how brave was it for the person to stand up for the rights, and how did they stop discrimination? This is one of the videos that want to make me stand up for other people, too. The lyrics make me happy.

Thank you for reading this, and I will see you next time.

Personal Narrative and Reflection

This piece is a description text. I told a story from my life. I want to improve parts that are less descriptive and need more detail. I am most proud of the 2nd paragraph because it has a lot of details and it looks back into my life.




My Narrative Writing

The Walk Home 


I asked my mom to walk home alone. “ Please let me walk home alone,” I asked. She agreed, but only because our house was very close to the school. I thought it was amazing to go home unsupervised. It was my first time. 


Not too long ago, in Houston, Texas, I wasn’t able to walk home by myself because the school was too far, so my mom drove me to school. Now that I moved to New York, I was able to walk home by myself.


It was very refreshing. I thought to myself:” Yes!!!!  It is so exciting, even though my house is two blocks away!” It was my first time, and I was going to make the most out of it. 


While I was walking home, I had a big smile on my face. My backpack was over my shoulder, bouncing up and down. I was jumping and skipping instead of walking home. I played at the park for a little while. I noticed lots of things during my walk. For example, I saw birds, colorful trees, and rabbits jumping across the park.


My mom was happy when I came home. She was pretty worried I would get lost and not find my way home, but I did.



Big Nate Game On! By Lincoln Peirce

I am presently reading Big Nate Game On! This book is about Nate Wright, and he plays sports. In this book, he plays basketball, baseball, and soccer. Big Nate is very good at these sports and has some lucky plays and hits. For example, Nate is scared of cats. One time a cat made him climb a fence, and the batter from the other team hit it, and Nate caught it on the wall. Big Nate has lots of comedy and humor, and people who like funny things should definitely read the series.

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Welcome to 5th grade! I am excited to be in 5th grade although I am sad because I had to leave Houston, Texas. I have lived there for 3 years.  5th grade has been great so far. I like playing kickball during recess because it helps me exercise and relax. I am sure I will like 5th grade, and I hope you will too!

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