2020 Poetry Festival – part 1

The 2020 Heathcote Poetry Festival is almost here. Students have been working on their poetry and now they are beginning to add art to it.

Every class has a Padlet poetry wall. In grades K-1 students may be uploading pictures of poems they write, or they may be creating using Wixie. 2nd graders maybe might be using Wixie or Google Drawing, 3rd through 5th graders might be using Google Drawing, Google Docs or Adobe Spark…

This blog post has tutorials for creating in Google Drawing and Wixie as well as uploading to the class Padlet. In a few days another blog post will unveil the complete Heathcote Poetry Festival website…


Creating in Google Drawing:


Creating in Wixie:


Creating in Seesaw:


Uploading to Padlet:

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