Tech Post # 9: Flashlight Decorating & The Finished Product!!

My flashlight in action!

This is a picture  and video of my switch completed! After putting the switch together I had the option to decorate.  We could use pretty much anything: markers, pompoms, or gems. At first I didn’t want to decorate it because I was worried that I would mess up, in the end I decided to decorate it very simply. I just put my name going down the side in big letters & I put some pipe cleaners on it. I am happy with how it turned out.  I am honestly really proud of myself, last quarter I saw my friend’s flashlight and never thought I could make anything like that. I am not going to say I had an easy time making this, it was definitely a challenge to make.  I had a lot  of obstacles along they way including an incorrect measurement, and a messed up circuit, but it was worth it.

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