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Technology post #3

Hello everybody,

Today in class we learned about atoms and our universe. I find it so interesting that there could be something as small as an atom and something as big a our universe. I I learned that each star we see in the sky is a planet, and when you look at the stars, it is basically like looking at the past because light years (even though they travel super fast) can’t get to us right away all the way from the stars, so the stars that you look at in the sky might not be there anymore and the stars might look totally different. Another thing is that a man sent a machine into space over 40 years ago and it is the fastest moving thing in the world. It only just reached the edge of our solar system last year! Think about how big our solar system is, but then if you look at the size of our solar system compared to the Milky Way galaxy, it looks tiny. We also learned about atoms using a grapefruit as an example. There are tons of atoms in a grapefruit. If you make the grapefruit to be the size of the earth, an atom would be about the size of a blueberry, that’s a lot of blueberries! I find it so interesting and confusing to learn about atoms and to learn about our universe.


– Avery


Technology Post #2

Hello everybody,

It is the second day on technology and it has been really fun so far, I think this will be the best quarter of the year. Many people have told me about a lot of things that we will be doing this quarter. The thing that I am most excited about is making flashlights. I have seen the ones that other classes have made and they look really cool. I think that you get to make the actuall flashlight inside, and design the outside. We have just started to learn about electricity and I think that that means we will be making our flashlights soon. We started by learning about the history of electricity, it goes all the way back to 585 B.C. I also learned about how amber is made from tree sap and how it plays a big part in how electricity was made, if you rub amber it attracts dust and feathers. Anther thing that we talked about the different ideas of scientists from back in time, and how a guy, Democritus belived that if you break something enough times, it will not be able to be broken up again. William Gilbert, Queen Elizabeth the first’s docter, was the first to ever to use the word electric. There are so many interesting facts that we learned and I am so excited to learn more.




Debate Unit

Hello everyone,

For the past month or so my class has been doing a debate unit. My group picked a topic to debate over. Our topic was Should We Drink Bottled Or Tap Water we did a little research and then we split our group in two, one side would be debating for bottled and one side would be debating for tap water. I wanted to debate for bottled but four out of the five people wanted bottled. Originally bottled was Kate, Dani and me and tap was Barbara and Hana. Then we had to switch it around. For bottled it was Dani, Hana and me, for tap it was Barbara and Kate. We researched a lot about our topic and we got three reasons and three pieces of evidence for each reason. We did an informal debate and we got feedback on how to make it better for the formal debate. But we had another problem, Barbara was going on vacation and she would leave a week before break. So we only had four people and someone on Bottled had to switch to tap. I volunteered to switch but Hana did instead. Since this was the most important debate we wanted to make our debate stronger. So we gathered pictures, diagrams and quotes. We also prepared great rebuttals. We did a practice debate right before our formal debate. Then we had a problem, we realized that our rebuttals were out of order so we had to switch them. That caused a big argument, we thought that if they went first it would be fixed. It wasn’t. We thought for a while and figured the only solution was we had to switch rebuttals last minute. I was really nervous for the debate. When my teacher called us to come in I started freaking out. When we were going and it was time to rebuttal I had to say what Dani would’ve said.  I was a little to nervous and I showed it. Overall I think this was a pretty good unit and I defiantly learned a lot.

Here is the video of the debate:

Coding – #4

Hello everybody,

Today I made another Tynker project. I made a rock band. When you tap an instrument, it will animate itself and play some music for you, although some don’t have any movement at all. I had a lot of fun making this, but at first I made the whole thing not realizing I was not signed in. This was a big problem because the first project took a lot of time, and when I went to my account, it was gone. I was so annoyed, but I figured that it would be easier since I already knew what I was going to do and how to do it. I used a tutorial for all of the music but I made the movement by myself. I really feel like I’ve learned a lot by making these coding projects, because before I relied on the tutorials to do everything, but now I can do stuff on my own. The only thing I use the tutorials for is to give me ideas and sometimes I use them for help. I am so proud of all of the work I’ve done for these projects and I really learned a lot.

This is my Rock Band game:

Coding – #3

Hello everyone,

I made another Scratch project, it’s a fashion game where you can change what the girl, Dani is wearing. Basically all you have to do is tap on whatever you want to take off (don’t take off the pants because she doesn’t have any others) and then tap on whatever you want to put on. It’s that simple! I used one of the tutorials to make this but at the end I personalized it a bit. I had so much fun making this and I hope you have a lot of fun playing it.

This is the Fashion Game:

Rube Goldberg – Post 7

Hi everyone,

We succeeded! Finally our Rube Goldberg worked. We  made everything higher so that when anything is rolling it’s still getting momentum. After we rebuilt it, it worked on the first try. I was so happy. We wanted to get two successes so we tried a couple more times. We failed about five times but we succeeded twice.

I had so much fun doing this unit. I think my favorite part was when we succeeded and my least favorite part was when the dominoes kept knocking over, that’s why we used Janga blocks in the end.

This is our final video:

Rube Goldberg – Post 6

Hello everybody,

Yesterday my group met again to work on our project. We got a lot of work done but then my dad came to pick me and my friend Karine up  from Emma’s house and he gave us an idea. He said that we should start from super high up and get lower as we go. We were going to start high then go straight then go a little bit down hill. We liked his idea so we broke everything and we’re going to restart on Friday.

On Friday we are going to rebuild it, then we will test it out until it works, then we will start working on our I Movie. We will probably take time in school to work on our movie because we don’t have much more time to meet.

I am so stressed out because the whole thing including the video is due Wednesday. I hope it works.

Rube Goldberg – Post 5

Hello everyone,

Yesterday we met to build our full machine and it totally didn’t work out.  The dominoes kept falling over and when we tried it out it didn’t get nearly as much momentum as it did last time. We realized that the toilet paper roll bent in the bag so it wasn’t rolling the right direction.  Then if the toilet paper hit the tennis ball, it would hit it really lightly and the tennis ball would’t even hit the marble . The on the other side the cardboard wall wouldn’t stay up so we had to use a metal wall instead. Then the dominoes wouldn’t hit the wall hard enough so we had to have to dominoes hit a play dough container and that will hit the wall.

The only thing good that happened was we finished building the whole machine.

This is the video of us failing:

Rube Goldberg – Post 4

Hello everyone,

Last week my group didn’t get a lot of time to work on our project so tomorrow we are all meeting up to get some stuff done. In the meantime  I have been making a couple of paths to make sure everything stays and goes in the right direction. I was also making sure things were stable by putting pressure on it to see if it stayed up.

I also watched some helpful videos to see how they made them so I could get an idea for mine. Also so I could see what the process was like and how many fails and successes we should do. I think about 6 fails and 1-2 successes.

My group and I have been finding items and materials to make our Rube Goldberg project. We used a lot of card bored, balls, plastic water bottles, etc.

Tomorrow we are going to put together the pieces and test it out to see how it works. I’m so exited!

Rube Goldberg – Post 3

Hello everyone,

Now that my group finished with the sketch we gathered supplies and we started to test out the machine. My teacher let us work on our project during recess because we all have complicated schedules so it’s hard for us to get together. We worked on making a couple things but mostly we just tried stuff out. We had a lot of fails but we also found a way to make it work and then it worked almost every time. Last night Emma and Karine came to my house to work on the project and make/find some of the items that we will use. I had so much fun try stuff out and building part of the machine. I’m so exited to finish it and to see how it turns out in the end.

Here is a video of us failing:

Here is a video of us succeeding.

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