Technology is…

Some thing that someone invented to solve problems and make life easier is called technology. A pencil helps you write on paper. It makes it easier to write and to send letters to somebody. It is made of wood and graphite. Before pencils people used ink and a feather.




Plant Blog #4

We pollintated our flowers and they started to die. The petals turned whitish, brown and we found seed pods. We picked the seed pods off the plants and put them under the lamp light to dry out.  We opened up the seed pods and found seeds. I’m going plant them and see if Wisconsin Fast Plant will grow again. This is plant cycle.

Teatown Reflection

Teatown Reflection

My favorite part of my field trip today was when my group and I stood in front of a sand box that projects onto the sand and if you scoop the sand and make a mountain it has lots of layers of different colors like red,green,yellow, orange, purple and white.  If you dangle your hands over the sand box you can make the water that is projected from the projector run down the mountain.  I thought this part of the field trip was my favorite because it was cool because of the colors and the “rain”.  when the water hits the land and it erodes away some of the land back into the bodies of water.  When this happens the water picks up the dirt and sand and other stuff on land and it makes the water dirty.  If I was to add an activity for the next years fourth graders will to be to swim in the lake and the small pond!

Wonder Blog Post #3

Why is Halloween a Positive Thing for Auggie?

Halloween is a positive thing for Aggie.  He can cover up his face with a mask, and people don’t see what he really looks like. Aggie thinks he has an ugly face.This is why he likes Halloween. He can be like any other kid with his mask on.

Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder #2

 My PRECEPT is Family and friends stick together till DEATH! Think before you say something

I feel bad for Auggie because kids were looking at him eat in the lunch room. He eats weird because he has a hole on the top of the inside of his mouth so he had to eat with the front of his mouth. It look’s weird because it shoots out of his mouth like a rocket and kids look all the time.

Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder – 1

This Read Aloud Reflection is the 1st in a series of posts about the book Wonder.

Julian and 2 other people were taking Auggie on a tour of his new school and Julian said to Auggie were you in a fire or some thing the Jack said one of the other kids taking Auggie on the tour said shut up then Julian said Mr. Tushmen said we can ask wuestion’s but not mean one’s Jack said.

Welcome to 4th Grade!

My 4th grade has begun!  I am having fun. I want to read a lot more this year in 4th grade than last year in 3rd grade!!   and I really hope I will log a lot more than last year!!


I want to make a goal to read 130 chapter  book’s this year in 4th grade!!     I want to listen more in My class and other class’s like P.E. , ART and SPANISH!!!!!$

4th  grade WILL BE AWESOME!!   I like math so far it is great and it is a challenge!!