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Ellis Island Field Trip

Hello everyone,

Today the whole fifth grade went to Ellis Island. I thought that this was a cool experience. First we took a 15 minute ferry to Ellis Island. We got off and got to walk around the first floor for a little. On the first floor there were little areas with bags that people took and information about the baggage room. Next we met our tour guide and went upstairs to the great hall. He made us take the physical and legally test. If you didn’t know something like your rights from your lefts he showed you what would happen. After we were done with the tour  we walked around for a little bit then we watched a short film about what it was like to immigrate to America, The people who narrated it were people who were immigrates. When the short film was over we had lunch. We got to sit outside and enjoy the nice view which was the Statue of Liberty and a skyline. When people where done eating they took pictures around the water. Next we went inside and went to the third floor where there were rooms of where people stayed at Ellis Island, clothes people wore and many other things. Finally, we took a 45 minute ferry ride back to the buses. While we were on the ferry we passed the Statue of Liberty and stopped while people took pictures. When the ferry the ferry ride was over we got on the buses and headed back to school.


Capstone Interview (#3)

Hello everyone,

Today I’m going to be talking about my Capstone interview. An interview is required for Capstone. Last week I went into the city and went to the S’well headquarters. I interviewed someone name Kristin Ross. She is the SVP of corporate sales and partnerships. Kristin started working at S’well before it got popular so she was able to give me a bunch of information about how S’well grew. She also reports directly to Sarah Kauss who is the founder and CEO of S’well. I found her very helpful because she has a very important job and was able to tell me all about how S’well became so successful and how each and every employee made a difference. She gave me all the information that I need and if she couldn’t answer the question she would ask someone else who would know the answer. Overall, she was very helpful and gave me all the information I needed and more.

Peruvian Restaurant Field Trip

Today the whole fifth grade went to a Peruvian restaurant in Port Chester with our spanish teacher called Pollo a La Brasa Misti Restaurant. Each class was split up into table of 4-6 people and each table got to try each food if they wanted to. When we first got to the restaurant we got bread baskets. Soon after all the dishes came to our table.

We ate the food in a family style way. Each person took a little off the plate and tried the food. If we wanted more and everyone got some who wanted some we were able to take more.

I thought that the food was good and I got to try new things from a different culture. When we first got the the restaurant we got a basket of bread, which I thought was really good. My favorite dishe were Pollo Saltado, Lomo Saltado and Tallarin Saltado de carne. I thought that the food was really good overall and was a really fun experience.


Choosing my Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions (#2)

Hello everyone,

Today I’m going to be talking about how I chose my main inquiry question and my sub questions for Capstone. The first thing I did was do some research and found somethings that would be a good inquiry question. After I did that I met with Ms. Edwards and she helped me come up with a main inquiry question which is: What are the key factors that helped to the company’s success? Once I figured out my inquiry question it was time to figure out my sub questions. I went back to my research and worked around that. I came up with my sub question and now I’m ready to start my research!

Where I’m From

Hello everyone,-

Today I’m going to be talking about my Where I’m From poem. 2 weeks ago my teacher assigned a assignment to write a poem about where you are from. We got a packet and the last page had a guideline. You could also use a online one. I used the online one and filled out all the information. When my poem was made I copied and pasted the poem into drive and I edited it. I really like how the poem turned out!


Here it is:

Choosing my Topic for Capstone (#1)

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to be talking about how I chose my topic for Capstone. Capstone is a project that the 5th graders do at the end of the year. To begin, each person has to pick a few different topics that they are interested in to research. Eventually they have to narrow it down and choose just one topic. At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. After talking with my mom we had a few ideas, some of which include; Snapchat, Dylan’s Candy Bar and Hamilton. However, these ideas weren’t quite what I was wanting to do, so I kept thinking. I thought back to the projects that people did last year and was inspired by one, S’well. Before I decided to stick with this topic I thought about how I could make sure that I would be able to do a Interview and a site visit, both are required. I also had a back up choice which was Hamilton. Next, I did some pre-research and found on the S’well website some information and found a article. Finally, I had my teacher approve it!

How to Make Cupcakes – Ignite

Last Thursday, we got an assignment called an ignite. We had to tell a story using 5 slide and we had 15 seconds on each slide to talk about it. On each slide was a picture that goes with what your saying. We also, had to have an introduction and a conclusion so, we had to have 7 slides in total. I had no idea what I should do so, I went home and looked through my entire house because, I wanted to do how to make something. I couldn’t think of anything. Then I finally came up with an idea after 2 days, which is How to Make Cupcakes. I didn’t want to find pictures online so I decided to make cupcakes. I also wanted to make cupcakes because I thought that it would be more powerful having pictures that I took. I got right to work and made my cupcakes. When I made the cupcakes I took pictures of every step. I took more picture then needed just so I would have extra if one picture didn’t work out. When it came time to put the pictures on the slides, I ran into a problem. The problem that I faced was that the pictures weren’t fitting the whole slide. I tried a bunch of different ways and finally decided not to have it fill the whole slide. Once I liked where all the pictures were on the slides I wrote my script and started practicing. I changed my script a couple times until I thought that everything match with the pictures. I wrote down my script on index cards to help me practice but then I soon realized that I would get so used to using index cards that it wouldn’t be easy to remember so I just decided that I wouldn’t use them. Eventually I got really good at remembering what I would say. Memorizing is easy for me so I was able to practice right away. Even though I really knew what I was saying I was still nervous to represent, but when it came time to present I was nervous at the beginning but I got more comfortable as I went along.

Here is my final project:

Coding #4

My last coding project is on scratch. It’s a game where there is a bowl and a stars. The stars fall from the sky and you try and catch them in the bowl. The bowl moves so it’s easier. When the star lands in the bowl then you will hear a pop sound. There is also a score board and it tells you how many you have caught. This is a two player game. You try to get 50 stars in your bowl. When you get 50 stars the screen with say Bowl 1 won or Bowl 2 won. It’s depending on who won. Each bowl is a different color so it’s easier to know which one is yours. To move the blue bowl you use the a and s keys on the keyboard. The s key makes your bowl move left and the a makes the bowl move right. To move the red bowl you use the right and left arrow key. Have fun!

Here is my project:


About a month ago my teacher told my classmates and I that we would be doing debates. We were put into groups. My group was Kate, Avery, Hana and Barbara. We got to pick a topic. You decided on Should You Drink Tap or Bottled Water. First we did a lot of research, about a week later we split up to do a practice debate. I was with Kate and Avery. We found 3 reasons and 1 piece of evidence for why you should drink bottled water. When it was time to split up for the real debate I was still with Kate and Avery but, we decided to change it up because it was the same. I was now with Avery and Hana for bottled water. Hana was sick so Avery and I had to find 3 reasons and 3 pieces of evidence. When Hana came back we ran into a problem. Barbara was not going to  be at school the week before break. Someone from my side had to move over. Hana moved over because she had just came back and wasn’t as prepared as Avery and I. Ms. Edwards told us that we should have text evidence, pictures and diagram. We found pictures and diagrams and made it fit in with what we were saying. We kept on practicing until we were pretty good and it was time to do the debate.

I think that we did pretty well but we could of improved. We were reading of the cards. We should of memorized it but I think we were nervous so we read off of the cards so we said that right thing. We also hesitated a little and were kinds fidgety but otherwise I think we did good.

Coding #3

My 3rd project was on scratch. Scratch has more games to make, so my 3rd project is a fashion game. You drag the shirts, shoes, hat and glasses onto the character. When you click the shirts it will change color to help you make a better outfit or you can keep the shirts the color they are. If you pass a color that you want keep clicking and it will come back. I like this project because you can get creative and try out new things. Have fun designing!
Here is my project:

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