My Finished Switches

Hi Guys,

I finally finished the switches I have been talking about! These switches were inspired by self driving cars. A sensor on top of the car tells the car when to stop or turn depending on the objects in its way. We are going to use the switches we built to direct and imaginary car (one switch will say to turn right, one to turn left, and the third to completely stop to avoid things in its way). The switch on the far right is connected by pushing the  two pieces together. This closes the circuit and makes the light attached to it. For the switch in the middle you press down on the tinfoil to close the circuit. With the circuit on the left you take the popsicle stick that sticks out of the side and pull in to turn the wheel, and close the circuit. All of my switch are rebounding, meaning they return to the position they were originally in so the light only flashes on uinstead of staying on.

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