Capstone #1 – Choosing a Topic

As capstone is just starting to approach I have been more prepared and more ready than ever. I had this amazing idea from last year or so I thought. I had this idea in my pocket and ready, for over 15 months now. I had my interview ready and I just needed a site visit which would be easy. This is how my idea started… we had just got back from a Broadway show that my mom’s college friend produced. As soon as we got into the cab to leave my mom received a text from the producer Mark. He said, “why didn’t you tell me your coming, I would’ve brought you backstage!” My head filled with ideas. “Oh, capstone is coming up, maybe just maybe Producer Mark could hook me up with an interview.” I thought. Then, Mrs. Cooper said that you shouldn’t do a topic that is easy and your not passionate about. Then I thought, but I am really passionate about Broadway? Hopefully she knows that. I decided, singing: check, I am passionate about it. Dancing: check, passionate about it. Acting/performing: check, I am very passionate about this.

And so I decided Broadway is a perfect topic for me. I have the connections and passion.

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