Maglev final reflection

On day two was even more successful learning the properties help us first knowing like poles repel helped us but we had to find the poles with ones with the poles we used north. Also knowing more magnets = bigger maglev field helped us make our final design so we could make it carry 65 marbles and make ours the best out of my class. We placed magnets on the sides of the track and car so they were lined up so more repulsion and so it doesn’t attract to the side of the magnets on the track so it moves. Also we did 6 on each side of the track. We used strip magnet because they repel good and because they have the same repulsion so not bouncy but at first we also used disc magnets and that was a fail so we changed it and it worked


One thing thing that failed is when we tried to have a few strip magnets along the side like we did with the disc magnets but with short strip magnets but it was to bouncy again and we did not learn from the disc magnets. Another thing that failed was when we tried to have to have the whole thing all magnets but that did not work so we tried another fail when we just did one in the middle on the track and the train but still did not work. We learn from our mistakes try to make it look like train tracks on the sides only so it is not bouncy and that is how we got 65 marbles on our train an make it so efficient. The changes we made is when we took away the extra strip and stacked them and boom it worked so well no one would of expected it.


I learned the E.D.P. Is very frustrating mainly when you work so hard and it does not work like with the time we did all the track solid magnets and it didn’t work so we tried something else. I also learned about E.D.P. keep trying and you will succeed and cheers will happen Also I learned even professionals fail so everyone fails too so don’t get sad when you fail. Also failure is ok because who know not to do that so you learn from your failure. I also learned it never starts because when you’re improving you asking what to improve and the whole thing is improving and it never ends. 


I also learned about teamwork shut your mouth shutting your mouth shut is good because you won’t argue Also I learned be nice and they will be nice to you and mainly HELP because everything is better when you’re part of team. And so you can do it easier and faster and tht is a lot better than yell yell yell so try to be a good team mate and that will make everything better and better is better Also encorage each other. and they will do good stuff like my group did and it really worked because we got 65 marbles 



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