March 9

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Current Events

Title: Justice for All

February 23, 2018

Lina Mai

News Type: World

The article Justice For All, by Lina Mai –  dated February 23, 2018, in Time For Kids, caught my attention immediately.  As an educator, I am always interested in the experiences of students in our schools – especially the supports they enjoy, as well as the challenges they face.  I was immediately drawn to the photo and how happy they seemed to be studying together.


I read the caption and was intrigued.  History makers?  Little Rock Nine?  These parts were confusing to me.  1957? Ok, I could see the setting and the clothing were “old-fashioned,” but it wasn’t really that long ago.

As I continued reading, I realized this article was focusing on something more than the happy photo suggested.  These were the students who made integration in our schools possible.  These people were pioneersheroes. These were the first students to represent the ruling of the Supreme Court that segregation in public schools was illegal. These were the first brave people to walk into an all-white school in the south and demand they be allowed to experience what every other student in that school enjoyed – an education.  This was one of the defining moments in history where people, in this case young people, had to endure horrible conditions in order to make this world better.

I cringe when I read about their treatment.  It took over three weeks before they could actually enter the building, even though they were expected much earlier.  They faced mobs, some even placed there by the government of Arkansas!  By the time they were able to attend, they needed the protection of the United States Army to keep them safe!

Even with this protection, they endured everything from heckling to physical abuse.  They were called names, pushed down stairs, and even spit upon.  Just reading this now, so many years later, makes me cringe.  Throughout it all, they remained dignified and determined, at least publicly.  Carlotta Walls LaNier, one of the Little Rock Nine, said, “I considered my tormentors to be ignorant people.”  I’m not sure I would have been so kind with my own words.

Michael Brenes, a historian at Yale University told Time Magazine in this interview that the photos of the horrifying things that went on helped garner support for these people and for desegregation everywhere in our nation.  They became known as the Little Rock Nine because that was the name of where the school they attended was and there were nine of them.

Overall, we owe a great deal to their courage, bravery, and convictions. They helped integrate our schools where we are able to learn so much from each other and see each other as people, not a certain race, religion, or whatever.  We treat each other as human beings who all have the same rights and should enjoy the same treatment and opportunities.

I would love to say we have arrived, but no one can deny that problems still exist.  However, fewer and fewer people will tolerate inequitable treatment of others for any reason and the work and bravery of the Little Rock Nine is a big part of why that is. It also shows that real change in this world can happen through the good work and bravery of our children.  Let’s hope they continue to make these positive changes and truly decide to be the positive change this country and the world need.

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The Little Rock 9 should be an inspiration to all of us. Bravery & conviction coupled with action can change the world.  Students/Children are the change we need in the world. See article #foxmeadowpride @Timeforkids






November 5

Shared Writing – Explorers

Our first shared writing of the year centered around exploration, specifically five important explorers.  However, 4A knows that exploration did not start or end with these five.  We wrote our post using a mentor text, The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown.  In the coming weeks, you can check back to each student’s personal blog to find their independent writing about an explorer of their choice.

The 4A Important Book About Explorers

The important thing about explorers is they make history. They travel to new places, far and near, to help us learn new things about the world. They find new paths to already discovered places. Explorers explored for many reasons such as getting scientific knowledge, finding riches, colonize new lands, to learn about new peoples, religions and cultures, and sometimes to teach and “civilize” native peoples. They are determined risk-takers who persevere during challenging times. They help create new knowledge of the world and help create maps of the land and sea. They used tools to find their way and even invented new tools to make exploring easier. The bad thing is that sometimes they spread diseases and treated the natives poorly. Explorers are adventurous, curious, resilient, intelligent, brave, and daring. They persevered when they were scared or they went the wrong way. But, the important thing about explorers is they make history.

By 4A


The important thing about the Vikings is that they raided some parts of the world. They were brave, fierce, bold, smart and clever warriors. They made their own weapons and ships/boats. They farmed like no one else. The name Vikings did not come into use until after the Viking Age. They searched for land, slaves and gold. They wore cone shaped helmets made of leather. The Vikings were separated into 3 groups with different kings and chiefs. They had gods they worshiped such as Odin, Thor, Freya, Freyja. But the important thing about Vikings was that they raided parts of the world.

By Hiroki Yoshimoto, Akif Ustun, Emma Ha, Katherine Kendall, and Victoria Zou


Amerigo Vespucci

The important thing about Vespucci is that mapmakers named America after him. Vespucci was born in Florence, Italy so he explored for Italy. His famous discoveries took place between 1499 and 1501. No one is sure of is voyaging records. Vespucci was one of the first people to call the land The New World.  He was remembered as the first European to notice that the land to the west of Europe was a new continent, it wasn’t part of Asia. He had a favorite voyage, and that was in 1499. This is a map of his most known voyages.

Vespucci sailed from Spain with four ships in 1499. He captained one of them. But the important thing about Vespucci is that mapmakers named America after him.

Heather Schutzer and Arielle Zaitchik



The important thing about Christopher Columbus is that he “discovered” the Caribbean Islands which are now known as the Bahamas.  Yes, he was Italian, in fact he was born in Genoa, Italy. Although no one knows when he was born, most historians think he was born in 1451. His dad was a wool worker and his mom was a homemaker. He knew many languages. Yes, the ships he took to the New World were called The Niña, The Santa Maria, and the Pinta. But the important thing about Christopher Columbus is that he “discovered” the Caribbean Islands which are now known as the Bahamas!!

By Peter Lin, Cami Culang, Nico Brenner, and Lucy Glik


Marco Polo

The important thing about Marco Polo was that he crossed and named the Pacific Ocean, Pacific for peaceful. He made routes through the Pacific Ocean that now help us explore new places. Marco Polo traveled throughout China and made peace with them. That was very important because war could have raged through China all the way to Italy and that could have made war throughout other countries also. We are thankful for him because he discovered new places! But the important thing about Marco Polo is that he named and crossed the Pacific Ocean!

By Meera, Caterina, Jalyn, Mia, and Chase


Henry Hudson

The important thing about Henry Hudson is that he was an explorer. He found a way to get to Asia through the Arctic Ocean. His first Voyage was in 1607 and he was hired by the Muscovy Company. He tried to make a passage from Europe to Asia and it took four voyages. He did this because Spain and Portugal had control over sea routes from Europe to the East. The coral reef blocked Henry Hudson from his first voyage. The Hudson River was named after him. He discovered the Hudson Bay. Henry Hudson was an excellent navigator. But the most important thing about Henry Hudson is that he was an explorer.

By Jake, Mei, Rebecca, Nathan, and Shea