Technology blog post #8

Hello everyone,

So in technology we started making flashlights. The flashlights have to be waterproof and it was to help the kids in thailand who got  tuck in a cave (we didn’t actually give it to them, we made them after the thing happened.) We started of with a piece of paper and then we had to sketch what our flashlights would look like. I missed a day of technology so I was a little behind but I caught up quickly and was one of the first to finish my flashlight. After we sketched out our flashlight we drew it to scale and i think this was one of the hardest parts. After finally having mine approved I started my flashlight. I started connecting wires and soldered. The i realized there was a problem, and it was that I forgot to attach my switch. I had to desolder and then resolder it on, and my friend helped me because she was already done with her flashlight. I also drilled holes in the right amount size of piping I wanted. That was some of the project i’ll talk about the rest in my next blog post.

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