Blog post #3b – The Interview

My interview with Wahiba Khabood was really interesting. I learned a lot about her that I didn’t know before and found that there were two sides to her one that I had known before the interview and one that I discovered after. The side that I recently found out about had to whole history to it. This side was one out of three of the lives that Wahiba Khabood had. In the book Refugee by Alan Grant, Alan talks about how a refugee has three lives. The first life is the life that they had in their home country. The second life is the life that they have when they travel to a new country and the third life is the life that they make for themselves in the new country.

The interview didn’t feel like an interview it felt like a talk and a reconnection. I personally know Wahiba as a kind and caring person and if she hadn’t told me that she was a Syrian refugee I would have never guessed that she lived through such a horrific experience. When she was living with us I remember her going into her and crying a lot but after this interview I understand why. In the end I found out that Wahiba successfully and legally was one of the fortunate few that took an airplane to the UK.