Even more Winners?

Hi guys! Welcome to my next post! Today, I will be talking about the UEFA Champions League Finals! The UEFA Champions League is a tournament for the best teams in Europe. The first round of the tournament is the group round. All of the teams that qualified for the UEFA Champions League get split up into groups of 4. After every team played every team in their group twice, then the first round is over.

The 2 best teams in the group move to the 2nd round. The rest of the rounds are nock – out rounds, which is when you lose, your out. But in this tournament, you play to games in the nock – out round. One home field match, one away field match, until you come to the finals, which is what we’re going to talk about.

This years finale was Real Madrid vs. Juventus. The first goal was by Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid. The next goal was an amazing goal by Mario Manzukic. He bicycle kicked it into the net! Sadly, that goal did not matter, because Real Madrid won, 4 -1! In last years finals, Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid in penalties! 2 wins in a row for Real Madrid!

Well, bye guys. I’ll catch up to you at my next post, it’s going to be a good one! Related image

PS: In the video, you should skip to 4 minutes and 48 seconds through the video because that’s where the penalty shootout starts. Bye!


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