6th Grade Tech – Post #3

This week in tech, we have been working on our solder designs. We are supposed to make a circle with whatever design we want on the inside. I made a lighting bolt, so it looks like the Flash’s logo. We made a drawing of them on an app called Vectornator, and then we printed it out as a our sort-of blueprint. After that, we got the choice of using brass or silver as a our wire and then we started making the real thing.

At first, it was so frustrating because I didn’t know how to bend the wire in the shape of my design. So I had the idea of cutting the wire into pieces the same size as each line of the lighting bolt. I did this because when I solder it, all the pieces are going to stick together because of the heat and, hopefully, it’ll look like my design.

I think we begin to solder next week, so in the next post I’ll include some pictures on how it came out!

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