Grouping characters in Pax (Chapter 6)

So far in Sara Pennypacker’s book Pax we are up to chapter 6 and we are learning about the character’s in the story. So far in the story we’ve met Pax, Peter, Peter’s dad, Peter’s grandfather, Bristle, and Runt. If I were to put these characters into groups I would choose Pax and Peter, Peter’s dad and grandfather have a connection, and Bristle and Runt ┬áhave connection. For Pax and Peter why I chose them ┬áto be together is that they love each other and want to be together. I also chose this because they will do anything for each other. For Peter’s dad and Grandfather I chose them to be in this group because they are in the army and they need to be tough and strong. For Bristle and Runt the reason why I think they go together is because they are born into wildlife so they know how survive.

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