Rube Goldberg #1

We are doing the Rube Goldberg project. If you don’t know what a Rube Goldberg project is, it is a simple task done by a complex chain reaction. We can do the project up to 3 people. The membersĀ  in my group are Danielle and Corina. For our simple task we are going to drop an egg. We are going to start simple and start with some dominos to start the chain reaction. We looked at movies on the internet for inspiration and we also looked through Danielle’s “toy closet” and found some things we can use such as marbles, string, and jenga bricks.

Overall, I think the experience of making a Rube Goldberg project is fun. It is a fun way to learn I think physics and chain reactions. I will update you on our Rube Goldberg project on my blog!

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