8 thoughts on “Empathy

  1. The meme tells me that empathy is super helpful to the person. Up in the meme it says ” Empathy is communicating the message of you are not alone.”
    The world and are classroom would look better with empathy because than every one would be a little nicer to each other and understand how each of us feels.

  2. The meme tells me that Empathy is about listening, holding space, withholding judgment, emotionally connecting, and comunicating that incredibly heeling message of You’re not alone. I think Empathy in our classroom would be good for everyone in our classroom. I think that because if you were frustrated about something, you would want your friends to know how you feel right?

  3. The picture tells me that empathy is to know somebody else’s feelings. The picture looks historic and sad. The girl might be poor so I think that’s why it says, ” YOU’RE NOT ALONE.” ( It doesn’t need to be capitalized. ) Empathy in our classroom might look happier and more modern. The world is also better now. Empathy in the world depends on what time it is. This is my answer to this question.

  4. This photograph tells me about how empathy is a good thing. It also tells me about how people should not let other people be alone.

  5. This photograph tells me about empathy and that everyone should treat you kindly even though you might be a beast.

  6. The meme shows me that empathy is about caring for each other.It shows me that because the little girl is holding the bear’s head gently and it seems like the little girl is talking to the bear.This makes me think that empathy is about caring for each other.

  7. This tells me about empathy by helping each other even if you are not the same animal. For example, a girl can help a bear that is by him self with no one to play with. Empathy might look like friendship in our classroom, or even in our whole world. Empathy will change the world filled with friendship, and that will be good.

  8. I think that meme is telling you that you can do anything and to belive in yourself. and stand up for others when there in need of help.

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