100th Fire!

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100th Fire                          

  [By  Adelina Jiang, Thais Silva & Kythira Weiss ]      



Panem a land that used to be called North America had been ruled by an evil Capitol who has ordered the twelve districts to send two contestants of each gender in a brutal contest; a fight to the death. Only one will leave this fight. All the Capitol’s entertainment, and also as punishment for the rebellion that had happened long ago. They also destroyed the thirteenth district: District Thirteen, in charge of nuclear weapons and graphite mining for rebelling. The Capitol has an army of Peacekeepers who did anything but keep “peace” at their hands. But a force of rebels was able to stop it using Katniss Everdeen, A.K.A. the Mockingjay, and the colony(known as District Thirteen) under the ruins of District Thirteen. And finally there was peace. Hundreds of years later the rebels had become corrupt and turned into a government worse than the Capitol, thus they brought back The Hunger Games to punish the rest of the Rebels, and destroyed the new district thirteen. This book is about Clove who always has to be the best, Forest the girl who is never noticed and Hannah who had lost everything except her sister, they have to face the fire of the most brutal hunger games yet, the 100th hunger games. Read on if you want to know their fate.



Chapter 1  

Reaping Day



It’s Reaping Day, Forest! It’s Reaping Day!” a little girl with long brown hair that curled at the end, and pink cheeks, with green eyes that always held a sparkle and a smile whispered, but it was gone today because of the fact that it was Reaping Day.

“Ugh!” I moan, “Wake me up on a different day!” I complained. The little girl that so happened to be my little sister, Nina just frowned down at me. .Sigh.“All well” I tore off the covers and folded them neatly like I always do, but this time my fingers tremble. Nina sits down at the table while I fetched the bread. My mother sits on the couch with her fingers wrapped around her teacup, her finger tight, too tight, stiff. I could see her worry. The Hunger Games have always been a menace to us. My great (I don’t know how many GREATS) grandmothers friend RUE died in the games and so did my older brother, James, and so on. It was crowded and noisy I gripped Nina’s hand tightly. “ Forest?” Nina asked in her usual quiet voice “ yeah” “ if you get picked… ” there was a pause, the Alec family was always in the Hunger Games, for whatever reason, I guess the Evil Capitol likes to watch us Alecs die. “ Please don’t-” “don’t die? Like James, Rue and everyone else?” “ yeah” I smiled for the first time “maybe we will get lucky this time Nina” She looked down. I walked over to the 14 year olds while I watch Nina look at me in fear. I hated it, why did the Capitol do this to us!


A woman with a wig of green hair piled up high on her head climbed up to the stage, Ms. Plaza who gave her stupid repetitive speech rambled on about how exciting, fame, glory, blah blah blah. I was more focused on Nina, poor Nina. “Now for the pick!” Ms. Plaza’s high-pitched voice boomed, everyone turned towards her. I spotted Nina crossing her fingers. “ Now remember ladies first!” “ Oh no!” I groaned, I expected at least one minute of my final normal non-changing life. “Ms. Forest Alecs!!” my name echoed all over the streets and louder in my heart “NOOOO!” Nina cried out, there was nothing for her to do. “I forbid you to volunteer for me!!” I hollered at Nina. It was horrible as I stood there waiting to hear the boy’s name, Nina cried, all those time when she shed a tear I was able to comfort her, but not now. The Capitol  has taken away all of Nina’s siblings and her hope, they are too evil to her.

“Jacob Undertone!” the second name echoed. No! Jacob Undertone! My mind screamed, I barely even knew him I have only seen him throwing darts on the target on Mohawk Hunting Camp, he never misses. His face paled and then turned white as a sheet. We shook hands, his were sweaty. It felt weird shaking hands with someone I or someone else would probably kill. I focused on his shoes, I didn’t want to look at his face and I especially don’t want to form any feelings for him because that would only weaken me.         



I tiptoed across the floor to where my 17 year old sister sat on the sofa. Her black hair was brushed and tied up into a messy bun, and she wore a new leather jacket and special boots.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

“So, what’s up?” I asked her, confused. She smiled and applied another layer of the most expensive lip gloss in the store. “Oh, you’ll be so happy,” she said sweetly. “It’s all you’ve wanted all year.” Tossing me the calendar, I realized she was right. There was a huge red x-mark that I had written since the last Hunger Games with my big fat red marker, on a square in the calendar, and on it was written in big bold letters, The Hunger Games. I jumped excitedly and before you could say, “Happy Reaping Day,” my hair was tied in a ponytail, my gold hawk jacket was on, and my black pants and combat boots were on.

“We don’t want to be late!” I warned Sara as she sipped her coffee patiently. “Come on!”   “Anyways, Clove, you’re probably not going to get picked! I  mean like….” she would’ve continued, but I clamped my hand over her mouth. It was still possible, though. I am 16, and I have much more slips containing my name than the younger ones, though I still grabbed my hawk’s talon necklace for good luck.

Finally, we were there. Carnel with his really weird accent stood proudly on stage, fingering the fish bowl containing the names.

“Silence, silence everyone,” he screeched. “Quiet!” I stuffed my hands nervously in my pockets. Carnel adjusted the collar on his suit before reaching into the bowl and picking out a name.

“Ah, fame and fortune to…. Clove Kentwell!” I stood there, surprise and shock on my face. “Come on up,” Carnel invited. Sara looked worried as she let go of my hand.

“Win for us,” she whispered. “Please! Win for everyone.” I nodded, and I felt proud as the citizens of District Two looked at me approvingly. I knew they remembered how I acted like at the wrestling match and at the javelin throwing class. Also, every day I steal all the knives from the kitchen and throw them at the thickest tree like daggers. Now I can throw at deadly accuracy. Anyways, Sarah herself was in the Hunger Games two years before this one.Then, I was on the stage, my cheeks burning as I listened for the boy tribute.

Carnel put his hand in the bowl again.

“Okay, for the boy tribute…. Here comes Theo at 13 years old!” I gasped as the thin boy limped onto the stage, his hair tangle and clothes tattered.

“Sorry, I was in a fight…. Just before,” he coughed, collapsing onto the wooden stage floor. I could see the gazes on the people’s faces harden at the sight of Theo. I definitely didn’t want HIM to be part of my Games history. My fingers tightened around the hawk talon in my pocket. I can always stab him, throw him around and taunt him on the way back home. I was lost in thought when I heard someone say, “Hello! I volunteer as tribute!” I searched the crowd looking for the voice when I finally spotted him. It was Thorn, short for Thornston, the most popular boy in school. He is Theo’s brother, and everyone knows he would do anything to get in the Hunger Games. He is great at martial arts, and I would be proud to kill him.



I slowly walked down stairs and kissed my little sister Sam on the cheek and shook her slowly for her to awake.

“It’s reaping day!” I said. Sam sleepily rubbed her eyes like awakening from a bad nightmare and then paused.

“Don’t go, Hannah, I don’t want to loose you like… like…Max….”

That name almost made me cry just like when he died in the 98th Hunger games. He was 16 like me, and, well, I don’t want Sam to lose another sibling.

“Sam, if I get chosen to go, I won’t die; I’ll come back and do this for Max.”

She looked at me with hope.

“Well then, may the odds be with you.”

As I walked out I, everyone was already there standing. The 16 and 12 year olds standing as solid as a stone statue. I stumbled, clumsily managing my way over.

“Sam only has 2 more years to go” I worried.


“Hello everyone “ Thedas said with a british accent that we all knew was fake.

“Time to pick the tributes for this years Hunger games, as usual ladies first“ I looked at the girl next to me. She stood mortified staring into space like all the others around me.. Thedas took a name from the large container she held tightly in her hands.

“Hannah Roberts “ There was an eerie silence. Everyone looked at me including Sam. She looked pale, the color draining from her face.


“Come on dear, don’t be afraid”

I walked slowly to the platform where Thedas was holding out her lovely perfumed hand.

When I finally got up there she called for boys.

“Daniel Everdeen”

She said with a cruel Ruthless purple lipstick smile. Daniel’s face was pale with fear. I could have expected that the Capitol put an everdeen in the 100th games.

“Shake hands you too“ Theda said.

I took his hand and shook awkwardly. From what I had heard, he is the hottest boy in school but that’s what I read from the other girls. To me he is nothing but a wimp and I would be proud to kill him in the Hunger games.

“May the odds ever be with you” Thedas said sweetly like we weren’t going to fight to our deaths just for the Capitol’s amusement. I glanced at Sam one last time before we leave for the arena. Her gray eyes were fixed on mine and her face was white with terror with the chance of losing her last alive sibling.


Chapter 2

The Training



At least Nina isn’t here or else I would of stabbed myself, at home anyway ,so it’s for the best that I’m here because this time I’m going to be the dead sibling because I can’t stand any more of this! So that Forgaflus guy (wierd name) was calling on tributes to go on launchers to the academy and since I’m from 11 I have a long way to go but at least I’m not from 12 most of people from 12 ether starve to death or die out of old anything, at least I think, and I am so glad I am not in 13, they got bombed. I start out at bow & arrow, I have never been too good at that,  yet I put my loose hair back in place and stretched the arrow wide and aimed for the target I shot it, it nearly missed a kids four-head while twirling in the air I got a good stick but then the arrow went through the target and threw another and another finally a girl with blond hair and sad blue eyes that looked like they were about to breakout in a waterfall caught it a handed it back to me. I took a deep breath I didn’t like it when too many people sttared at me so I just walked on to the next station casually as if I didn’t just shoot an arrow that went through all 3 targets hitting bulls eye on everyone. The next station was knife/dart throwing I threw them best I could, only one hit bulls eye, next my favorite: Spear Throwing I grabbed my spear and found the sweet spot on the spear and length and aimed and threw it, it rocketed in the air and landed on the bulls eye before you could say the word “banana” (don’t judge.) I was a whirlwind and served my special 30 spears in one bulls eye in 4 throws and 8 seconds. I thinked they liked me, because the gamekeepers were nodding and talking and pointing at me. When training was over I slumped over to a chair, 2 days of this ughhhh and then I fell asleep. The 2 days passed quickly and as soon as I knew it I was sitting in a chair waiting for my name and number to be showed on that big screen that they had, 1= g: 9 b: 9   2= g:11 b: 11 3= g: 6 b:4  4= g: 8 b: 9  5= g: 10 b: 9   6= g: 6 b:10  7= g: 8 b: 6  8=g: 10 b: 5  9= g: 9 b: 7  10= g: 5 b: 6  

11: g:11- wait 11! OMG I had gotten a 11 maybe one of the highest scores EVER!!!!! I pumped my fist in the air, I was ready! But where was the girl from 12? And why did it say 12=g: b:9 and why was there a 13? 13=b:8?!



Woohoo!!!! Training time!” I yelled enthusiastically. Others just looked at me as if I was mad. Maybe I was, but who cared? This was time for me to show everyone what I was made out of and who could waste a glory and fame showoff time like this! I rush to my first station, but when I see the sign, reading Bow & Arrows. “Ughhh,”I moaned, looking at the one thing I wasn’t good at. “Just great.” My mood falling, I pick up my bow and notch a arrow. My arrow soared through the air. It landed at the edge of the target. “Such a lousy shot,” I said out loud. I was happy when we moved stations so I could throw away my shame. Well, that was ruined, I thought until I saw my next station and my mood brightened. The knives and dart throw! “Now my time is beginning!” I announced to the others. I grabbed a handful of the sharp utensils and whirled them at the target. Almost all 7 landed on the bulls eye with a deep stick. Not bad, I thought licking my lips as if I were hungry for more. I raced through the other stations and in each one, I made sure to emphasize my perfect death for all the tributes. After 2 days of boring, exciting, stupid and etc. training we finally got to the board. I totally zoned out until I heard my name on the loudspeaker. “Clove Kentwell scored 12!” Hmm, maybe I will win, wait maybe?! I will win!! But then something caught my eye. 12=g nothing…. Wait, what do you mean nothing? And then something more confusing happened. 13=b: 9…. Wait, 13! Okay, these are going to be so very interesting and confusing, but the hunger games never surprise me. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they let in cows in the hunger games, and that is preposterous.  



I still couldn’t believe that I was in the hunger games and to top it off I have to kill innocent people just for my survival uhg If I could just get my hands on the president’s thought I swear I would-

“ Welcome to your hunger games training session! ” said Forgaflus

“Now if I call your district co inside the pod that I tell you to go to alright ok so District 1”  a beautiful girl stepped up and she looked like to own a  fortune she had beautiful long blond hair and eyes

like crystals and the boy next to her had black hair dark eyes and was wearing a grin on his face. “2,3,4,5” more and more people stepped up and walked in their team pods I didn’t see two very well but 3 well a redheaded girl who looked scared but confident and a boy with brown hair who looked like he would be the first one dead. And for everyone else 4 a dark haired girl who did look a lot smarter than I am and a fat red-cheeked boy who was always either huffing and puffing or staring at you with a evil smile as if he is trying to decide who he would kill first. 5 had a girl who had scared blue glittering eyes and a weak smile on and a tall and skinny boy with his cowlick brushing his four-head and looked like it had been combed a million times etc. I started out at the throwing darts and knives I straightened my back and took a quick step forward and thrusted it into the air, it shot like a rocket and on it’s way to the target slicing an apple some kid was throwing in the air, They were all impressed, even me, lucky shot? I said in my head, who cared they were all gaping at me even as I moved to the next station, next one catapulting/slingshot there was this cute girl with 2 pigtails and really round brown eyes I think she was from district 8, she was good, and when I say good I mean great ! She never missed and had perfect aim and knew all the tricks and how to get what you need I was impressed I was always a disappointment to my family since I was… My times at the capitol are almost over tomorrow they let us go, into the arena I mean, it turns I had scored a what was I saying of course I was going to die, Because I’m the girl with no score I am nothing.


Chapter: 3

The Hunger Games



I saw my competitors faces, all horrified the usual for the Hunger Games but then I saw Daniel staring at me hopefully I would be his fake love offer but I just shake my head in a no gesture I would not fake my feelings just for this I can be strong without being mushy, his mood turns gray,  the second cannon fired and Daniel ran and tried to slice a girl with a spear down the middle but she dodges and tries to kill him she had blond hair and blue eyes she looked like she was from district 1 which means that is Crystal the volunteer they sliced and dogged just for some bread I could feel his anger from hear his sadness I wouldn’t join him and out of the corner of my eye something moved I saw was a little girl about 12 years old with a skinny black vest, on it is a gold pin like a seagull with black sleeves, a flat black hunting skirt and long brown boots running for the middle of the desert she had black wavy hair too but then I saw a boy probably an Career from district 1 sprint towards her with a sharp sword on his hand I panicked and ran for the first bag there was a boy about my age holding on to it  and about to slice me for the bag but suddenly a girl about my age charged towards him she was that girl from district 2 I saw before, the bag was on the ground now so I snagged the bag and ran for the middle of the desert where that little girl went and I didn’t know why I wanted to protect her but went anyway. I’ve been running for a while now and then I saw it the rain forest I leaped with joy until I saw that boy about to slash her with his sword I didn’t think twice or think I charged at him with my knife and before he knew it the knife was pierced through his gut his face turned pale and then he fell to his knees and hit his face on the ground as the first cannon fired.


The girl looked scared her face looked at me her eyes meet mine and then I knew why I protected her… she looked like Sam she was like Sam I bend down and reached out my hand

“ Alliance? ” she looked confused as I handed her a supplies bag

“ Why with me? ”

“Alliance or not ” she grabbed my hand with her weak little dirty fingers and I could tell that was a yes.



They pushed us through a door hidden from all eyes, in other words a camouflaged door. I was thrown into the arena of the 100th hunger games: there was a long Desert with many dead old trees it was like a forest of death and misery but the ground was covered in sand, desert sand. Far back somewhere so far you had to squint your eyes and peer with one leg raised in the air, something that looked like it could take days to reach was something hidden in winds and fog “it is the end of the desert, there is something there!!” I whispered quietly to myself so no one else hear me. I looked around at the other scattered tributes and saw a expression that told me they were troubled by all the mist it looked like almost a sand storm, I didn’t think that they would be going there too soon. The cannon fired, I raced off hoping to get to the mystery first maybe there would be tons of supplies for survival! SUPPLIES!! I forgot to fetch my weapons! I could be killed! Too late people were already grabbing them and killing, there was no turning back, I ran at my mediocre speed so I could save my energy for when someone is chasing me. I raced forward and saw it a huge rain forest over me, all the food, hiding places and survival supplies was just in reach I leaped towards it. Just then a knife shots pass me and kills a Career that was about to destroy me with his spear BOOM!!!!! the cannon fires again, one of the first kills of the 100th Hunger Games falls to the ground, and I didn’t even see that Career coming towards me, someone brushed pass me, a girl her hair was a lightish + darkish brown like bark, and her eyes glowed a horrifying but friendly warmth-like fire in her brown piercing eyes. She wore a red leather jacket and if I looked close enough I would notice a pin that was shaped like a blue jay, black leggings with long black boots. I recognized her from district 12. I was frightened, she was armed she could’ve struck me down, but instead she handed me a supply pack and held out her hand “Alliance!?” her big voice boomed “ why with me?” “Alliance or not” of course I took her hand not only because if not she would kill me, but because I liked her, she was a strong fighter and also because she saved my life and maybe she will be my ticket to survival and reunion with Nina.

We didn’t have much time, I sprinted across the sand and hot blasting wind into the forest, but this time not alone.



I stood on the launcher, wondering what the arena would be. Excitement bubbled inside of me, and I though, I will win. I will win for everyone, especially Sara. I WANT to. I put on my hood and visioned what it would be like…. Running towards the cornucopia and grabbing the only red bag full of knives and daggers. Then, I imagined standing on top of a tall boulder in a snowy arena, everyone dead around me. Then, I imagined myself rich and famous for the AWESOMEST Hunger Games ever! I finally uncovered my hood and heard the cannon. I was suddenly launched into a desert, the worst arena I have ever seen. There were sand stretched out miles and miles ahead. I felt anger boil in the darkest, angriest part of my heart. I want to be known for something GRAND and WONDERFUL. NOTHING is worse than a desert arena.

I ran towards the cornucopia, my chest falling up and down as I breathed. My eyes scanned the weapons until I found the red bag. Running as fast as I could towards it, I dodged an arrow as it was shot at my legs. I could hear many shots of the cannon as more and more tributes died. But the first cannon shot came from far. Finally, I tumbled over the red bag. Why? Because someone else was holding it. I tugged as hard as I could, but the other’s grip was like iron. I just gave up, knowing that there wasn’t any time to waste. So I grabbed the nearest thing and kicked a boy about 15 or 16 years old right in the stomach as he bolted straight towards me. I ran through the desert, running until I was pretty sure I have run a mile or two when I spotted a girl in a red leather jacket, black pants, and dark boots running after a girl about 12 or 13. I watched as she stabbed the boy from district 1 and the first cannon sound boomed. Anger filled my body. It was I, I who wanted to make the first kill. Me. Also, inside the girl’s hand, she clutched…. The red bag. She DESERVED to be dead. Killed. And I was about to give her the ticket to the second death when I heard 10 cannon booms. Never mind. The TWELFTH death. I promised myself to kill her, and the little girl she was chasing.

“No mercy, no mercy,” I murmured before charging towards the two, yelling, “Charge! Charge!” The two girls turned around, and bolted towards…. A forest? A rainforest stood right there on the edge of the desert. The leaves looked welcoming and cool as we three burst into the forest, relieved by the moist ground and cold air, my skin sheltered from the scorching sun and burning sand. Finally, I sat down to rest when I felt a twig drop on my head. I looked up, then looked at the weapon I had grabbed. A bow. I notched an arrow and pointed it above me. Nobody was there. Nothing but a silver dagger stuck in the large branch above my head. I sighed and leaned against the tree with the silver dagger and soon drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 4

Day 2


 We have been allies for a while now and strangely no one has tried to slaughter us to death for one day, lets see how we can make it out of day 2  Forest was still sleeping when I heard someone yell

“ Help! ” the cry wasn’t too far from hear but I was afraid to leave Forest here alone because the last time that happened the girl almost got slaughtered by an career  but…

“ Help! ” the cry was closer now and I could tell that was a girl voice. I didn’t hesitate I grabbed my dagger some food and sprinted towards the forest. There I found Berlin a girl tribute from district 8 she was 12 years old and almost got a knife pierced to her gut so I ran in front of her and blocked the knife and then I saw who threw it

“ Daniel! ” He raced towards me with his sword ready to slice me in half

“ Hanna, how nice is it to meet you when I’m going to kill my first victim,” I looked behind me the girl was gone then he ment me

“ I’m not going down without a fight ” I said looking at his eyes then I remembered that I didn’t accept his offer which also meant that got him an urge to kill me

“ Good thing this are  the hunger games because killing in district 12 well you know ” he said with a cruel simile on his face

“ Well then” I lifted my sword ready to fight

“ may the best fighter win ” but then I  saw what Berlin left me… A bow and 29 arrows she must have killed that guy with the fruit basket and meant for us to get it. I ran towards the bow and arrow and put my dagger away and saw that the look on Daniel’s face turned a little bit uncomfortable.“ Now, May the best Fighter win ” I took the bow and an arrow strapped the arrows to my back and pulled the arrow back I was ready to shoot


But then Crystal ran towards Daniel and I thought she was going to kill him but instead she hugged him and looked at me and raised her Sword

“ Opps I forgot to tell you I have an alliance, looks like it’s two against one ” he smiled at Crystal but then I heard a voice say

“ Actually it’s two against two ” I looked up and saw a boy just standing on a tree branch in a very silent and alert posture. He  jumped down and stood at my side his knife raised and gave me a simple nod and turned his head to Crystal glaring at her like he hated her. He raced towards Crystal like a killing machine who was ready to sink his knife deep in her chest without looking back which meant I had to fight Daniel but before I knew it he and Crystal were gone and then I realized why… Forest! she might of found out where I was by now and on her way I got up and ran towards camp and bumped into her.“ Forest! ” I said hugging her but then a cannon fired and I looked to my side where Berlin was standing with her hand held out probably to alliance with me but Clove was in front of her crouching down no sleeping… Berlin saved her but her eyes were dim lifeless and then I saw a spear in between her stomach. She fell forwards and then I saw Daniel standing over the poor girl he was smiling cruelly and then ran for the woods. I bend down just to catch Berlin’s last words “ Avenge me ” another cannon fired I put my head against her’s and said

“ I will ” tears started to come out my eyes I looked at Forest and cleared the tears “she died a hero” and she did. “From now on NO splitting up ok Hannah?” Forrest said quietly, I could tell she was taking everything, all the pain that I felt, she was like Sam she knew how to comfort me. I gave Forest a simple nod and we trudged on.



I  woke up and saw Hannah she was sleeping but then I heard a cannon fire I jumped and ran towards a lake where I heard someone move something but all I found was a dead body but hold on, food, he was holding a basket of food “Yay!” I ran for the basket and heard Hannah waking up, so I ran back as fast as I could but who was there? I was sure I heard crunching noises! But that doesn’t matter because now Hannah and I have fresh food.  It is day 2 now we are still alive living on the berries I find and the rabbits Hannah hunts. In the morning I wake up to see Hannah gone, then I hear a scream, No it couldn’t be not Hannah! I raced towards the screaming trying to assure myself that it could be anyone screaming, I dashed forward and came to a stop, A girl from I think District 8 laid wounded, dying, I knew Hannah was in some kind of trouble, but yet I laid down my pack and took out my healing cream I had received from one of my sponsors. She looked me in the eye and then got up and then fell back down and I knew she couldn’t be saved. I turned around and there stood Hannah “ you shouldn’t have left” “I know, I was worried” she sighed and took one look at Berlin and bent down low as to catch her last words, finally as she faded away Hannah stood up and in a strong determined voice “ She died a hero” she said with a nod, we trudged through the wood together her face screaming for Revenge.



“Omph!” I woke with a start, in attempt to try to get a good view up on that oak tree ( I was a good climber ). I climbed up, and to my misfortune I  fell out and was now sitting in the mud with leaves and branches in my hair. I shook them out and looked besides me but then…. Score! I found a red bag lying next to a dead girl. Then I got my knives that I stole from the dead girl and took a patrol stroll looking for some targets. They probably would be hiding right now, conserving their energy for tomorrow: Day 3, the bloodiest of them all I thought to myself. After awhile of walking and making sure not to make any sound and hiding when I saw something move and (also) hunting, animals and people, I settled down with my 3 dead rabbits for a picnic. “Hmm, not bad,” I said to myself. This was the Hunger Games and I was acting as if it was a stroll on the park. I continued my walk suddenly I heard some rustling noises. I dashed behind a tree and then I attacked the rustling bush. There was a girl behind it and I think she was from district 8. She had her hands raised above her head like she was waiting for death and trying to prevent being punched at the same time. I was about to sink a knife deep in her chest, but then I stopped. I couldn’t kill this girl. She was too young, too frightened and scared. No, what would her family be saying right now? And what if that was me, killing her…. Instead, I lowered my knife and held out my hand. When the girl saw that I didn’t kill her and that she was still alive she raised her head slowly not knowing what to expect. Then she looked at me with her bright round brown eyes…. Wait, when did I have feelings for a shrimp?! But it was too late to act. She took my hand and smiled. “I’m Berlin,” she said in a sweet high pitched and soft voice. “I’m Clove and now we’re a team!” I answered. And we were a team now. I walked with Berlin through the woods for a while until we found a good resting place. That was when I saw her tiny little face looking up at me like I was some sort of hero. Though would a hero wish for someone to kill her so she wouldn’t have to do it herself? To think I could lose her on the very first day! No. It was almost night and the faces of those dead would show up soon so I tell her to go to sleep. “I’ll keep guard!” I tell her so she couldn’t see the faces of those dead because that could’ve been her up there. I was so deep in thought when a cannon fired and I jumped up, surprised, and fell on my butt. Then the dead slideshow began and the first face… Erion the kill that should’ve been mine, and then well some more faces that I couldn’t make out but one face caught my attention…my tribute! He was killed on the first day! What a shame he will bring to district 2. I looked over at Berlin clutching my bow but instead of getting angry because she stole my weapon, I smiled sympathetically.

The next day I awoke from what I thought was a bad dream. I heard Berlin screaming. When I opened my eyes I realized that she was screaming and that it wasn’t a dream. But then I saw the most horrifying thing ever. Berlin’s dead body lay in front of me but it looks like she died a while ago. But wait, why didn’t the hovercraft take her body away? Then I realized they just want me to suffer. I wiped an angry tear away, determined to avenge Berlin when I looked up. There stood the girl I wanted to kill with the little one, the older one holding the bow. I panicked, horrified, and ran as far as I could away from Berlin and the two girls.               


Chapter 5

Day 3


How did that boy know about Crystal and why did he help me…and that’s when I saw him standing between 2 trees,

“ Hey that girl ain’t gonna kill herself you know” he hands me a bag full of surprise

“ Who are you and where are you from” I demanded my bow and arrow raised

“ wowowo look Stubby try to reasonable”

“ reasonable! look do you now why my nickname is Stubby? I’m stubborn Rabid boy”  He looked at me like I was the worst clown in the world but also satisfied

“ look princess know -it -all can you keep a secret or else I’ll actually be “rabid boy”

“Fine lochness monster what ya got” I said said sitting next to him

“Well I’m from 13” wait he is the boy from 13

“Why I thought you um …  got eliminated for good”

“Well I’m the only survivor and well the reason of me being here is that the capitol decided it would be more convenient and fun to way to punish me for surviving! “ Wow that’s horrible” I said sympathetically

“ says the girl with no score” he said sarcastically

“ And Crystal is the one who told the Capitol about me and suggested me in these stupid games” he said his face turning grave, serious and full of grief” “They destroyed everything!” he cried and then his eyes widened as if he just realized something and he slipped away “Hey!~” I called, but he was gone. And then I saw Forest and the other girl I think was named Clove was standing in front of me, they seemed to have heard the whole story, “ Wow” they said with wide eyes filled with tears “Wow” “I know” I say and  I trudged along with them as the birds sang Dennis’s sad story in their high pitched songs.



I have been running for two hours or so when I stopped running to catch my breath. “Why,” I breathed. “Why!” I stood up and yelled, “Why kill her! I’ll avenge her! Don’t you ever dare….” I stopped, knowing that it was useless when I spotted a note on my red bag. On it read:

To Clove:

My time is up, this is the last minute of my life. Just become allies to the ones closest to you.

Love, Berlin❤

I didn’t understand. “What do you mean, the ones closest to me?” I growled. “Nobody is close to me. Not after the Hunger Games.” Suddenly, I remembered the two girls. They…. were the ones closest to me in a literal way. I covered my face with embarrassment for not understanding the note at first. Then, I ran back to the rainforest, and the hours and hours passed again. “This counts,” I told myself. “Trust Berlin.” That was when I reached the rainforest again, but now only one of the two girls were waiting for me: The older one.

“Hi. My name is Hannah,” She said, her long menacing braid swayed down her back as she notched an arrow. “Don’t you dare try to hurt me. I’m armed.” I was not scared now.

“I’m Clove. You know, the mad girl at training?” I snapped, searching Hannah’s eyes for any sign of harm. “Now, what happened to Berlin?” Hannah lowered her bow and handed me it. “This was from Berlin. She was killed by Daniel’s spear and this was given to me. Her last words were…. Were…. Avenge me. I always knew that you two were alliances, and she definitely wouldn’t want me to kill you. So….” I shifted my feet nervously, looking at the bow in my hands when I saw something. Berlin’s tiny fingerprints printed in her blood. That was when I did something I never would have done. “Alliance?” I asked. Hannah looked suspicious. Though before she could reply, I did something that was Clove-ish. I climbed up a tree and vanished into the leaves, pulled out the silver dagger, stuck it in my belt, and was off. Away and away. Though dropping the bow for Merlin’s sake.

I have stayed in the trees for a few hours, then joined Hannah. “Made up your decision?” I asked. She nodded. “You can stay with us.” The younger girl sunk the tip of her spear into the moist ground and said, “ My name is Forest.” Her dark eyes scanned me like a scientist observing a frog. Then the girl named Forest tapped Hannah’s shoulder. She bent down as the girl whispered something into her ear. Hannah nodded. I think they are hiding something from me. I stuffed my hands into my pocket because it was all I could do to keep me from killing my allies.

Chapter 6

Day 4


That’s it I had it with Daniel in district 12 he made girls feel bad about themselves by telling them their Not good enough and he also some times stole things from his descendants bakery and since he is an Everdeen people always think he’s some sort of god and to add on he always made me feel like garbage and now that we’re in the games together he has literally planned to use me as a puppet like the capital did to his Great great (I don’t know how many greats) grandmother and father. Well I`m going to show the capital that I’m not just a girl from the seam. The sun was setting and the faces of those who died were going to show up soon

“Let’s head back to camp” I told forest and Clove

“ Yeah it’s getting pretty dark and you need sleep” Clove said looking at Forest

“ Hey I’m not a baby you-” I put my hand over her mouth

“Listen” I said and heard some voices to my right

“Come on let`s keep on moving”

“Looks like someone is going to die” she pulled out her dagger and went straight for the voices

“ No you go with Forest to camp and I’ll do this ok” I said and Forest looked like she wanted to protest but went anyway. I walked towards the voices and I could hear them clearly now careers two of them actually a girl from 4 and a boy from 2. I jumped up when Clove touched my shoulder to tell me to go inside their cabin  

“ look we should kill that girl tribute of yours she’s got skill ”

“ but she’s not alone anymore she`s got an alliance with a girl from 11 and that girl from 12 Hannah, she’s become protective towards that little girl from 11 what was it again Forest ” Forest why Forest I looked at Clove her mood became dark and I could tell she wanted run out there and stab that boy.

“ well then let`s take out Forest first then we go for that girl from 12 ”

“ but Hannah has gotten as many kills as us alone she has skill too so she might be hard to take out now special spice Clove is with her”

“ Well then you know that boy from 12, he is desperate to kill Hannah and if we alliance with him and that girl from 1 they won’t stand a chance ”

“ We atack Forest tomorrow night ok ”

“ Fine with me ”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing someone is going to kill Forest and kill me and Clove too with Daniel and Crystal. I didn’t hesitate and ran for camp Clove behind me, to tell Forest about this.



Soon a girl I think who was in district 2 named Clove which I soon learned had alliances with Hannah lead me into a bush a told me to gather some berries while Hannah and Clove talked. They whispered in hushed voices but suddenly the voices ceased, and I heard quiet footsteps fading away

“Ughhh” they left me AGAIN!! I crept forward to see Clove and Hannah eavesdropping on a girl from district 4 and a boy from district 2 and I snuck behind them a heard every word and trust me it isn’t not very pleasant to hear that some people are trying to kill you. I ran back and tried my best to pretend that I had been there picking berries all along, when Hannah finally announced the news to me that a girl from district 4 and everything I already knew, I said “ I know, and you don’t have to protect or keep secrets from me, I know I look delicate but you haven’t seen me fighting” and I handed them the new weapons that I had made from some maple wood. They both looked at me with wide eyes but then they smiled and took the weapons and we spent the rest of the night training for the next night.



Ughh, such a tiring day, but it is still not over yet, I slumped my pack of knives over my shoulder, but it turns out I didn’t need to, quiet voices and i knew right away who they belonged to: Thornston i grumbled under my breath as if muttering a curse. And my ears didn’t deceive me he was truly a curse ( pause) more of a burden i said to myself because this is what i heard: “ look we should kill that girl tribute of yours she’s got skill ”

“ but she’s not alone anymore she`s got an alliance with a girl from 11 and that girl from 12 Hannah, she’s become protective towards that little girl from 11 what was it again Forest ” Forest why Forest my mood became dark and I wanted run out there and stab that boy.

“ well then let`s take out Forest first then we go for that girl from 12 ”

“ but Hannah has gotten as many kills as us alone she has skill too so she might be hard to take out now special spice Clove is with her”

“ Well then you know that boy from 12, he is desperate to kill Hannah and if we alliance with him and that girl from 1 they won’t stand a chance ”

“ We atack Forest tomorrow night ok ”

“ Fine with me ”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing someone is going to kill Forest and kill me and Clove too with Daniel and Crystal. I ran along with Hannah with my eyes glowing in hatred and coldness the world was an evil world.


Chapter 7

Day 5


I had a nightmare last night it was horrible, Nina and I, Hannah, Clove and Berlin were all laying on the grass looking up to the clouds, there was a big cloud and it looked like it was bullying and pushing the little ones. Then a big picture of  President Snow with his evil grin and garlic breath that is covered up with breath mints that don’t work appeared reaching out his big fat hand and pulling everyone I loved and cared for into a huge pit of lava. Then I heard Nina screaming and I woke with a start a big black bird shot pass me repeating screams of horror, some I recognized some I didn’t then I looked closer and recognized the bird, “NOO!” I said with a gasp it was a Jabberjay, Jabberjays were like mockingbirds, but the opposite instead of repeating songs they repeated screams of horror. That was Nina I was sure of it! Lost in my own frustration worry and most of all anger I took off, forgetting about Hannah and Clove, how could the Capitol do this to us! How could they have the heart! Suddenly I crashed into Daniel, Crystal, Seneco, and Zery “Oh the little baby that Hannah so much adores, lets kill her!” then they turned to me “ You wouldn’t mind if I kill you don’t you” said Daniel with his evil grin. “ Oh, of course not, you couldn’t have arrived at a better time!” “ Well now Hannah & that Clove girl aren’t here to save you” said Crystal scanning the bushes. My anger boiled up inside me I raced to my hidden bush and grabbed a spear, and I broke it in half. I charged kicking Daniel in the ribs (Hannah would of wanted that) and thrashed my spear in some random person’s chest I didn’t stop, I was going to show the Capitol I was not just their little chess piece that they could move around the board, they were not in charge of my life! I took the unsharp end of my spear and blocked the sword that was thrashed into my face, suddenly I heard a yell, Hannah and Clove had joined the fight, swords clashed and you could hear them running and yelling and we retreated back a few steps and then I charged again and this time with Hannah & Clove. At the end of the battle what was the rest of the wounded  gang retreated and the blood stains were splattered on the grass spears laid broken on the ground. And I saw Zery with a spear in her chest laid hopelessly dying, and I don’t what came over me, but I realized that it wasn’t her fault, she was like me, the Capitol forced her into this, so I bent down and laid a violet in her hair, than I walked off as the cannon fired,  suddenly I turned around sharply, and realized something terrible, the spear that laid deep in her chest was my spear, mine. I ran off, I had done it I had killed and innocent girl who like me was just trying to survive it was my first kill and it was nothing to be proud of. Hannah and Clove soon caught up with me they both knew what I had done, Hannah put her hand on my shoulder “ you were brave” she said in a stern voice, I nodded and fell into her arms I sobbed, big fat tears rolled down my cheek “they’re all dying” and when I said that I didn’t only mean the people in the arena.



I woke with a throbbing pain, I had a weird feeling like something is terribly wrong, I felt beside me for Forest’s warm and soft hand that always seemed comforting, wait Forest! She was gone I couldn’t feel her I was fully awake now, where did she go!? I shook Clove up, and trust me it wasn’t easy, she was a heavy sleeper. When finally I woke Clove up who rubbed her eyes and then jumped to action grabbing her knives and soon enough I realized why. Through the bushes we wove until we came closer to the screaming and shouting, I heard Forest’s yelling, but it was angry and painful, very un-Forest-like. I ran faster and saw Forest race forward and kick Daniel in the ribs, hard, I smiled, that my girl and I leaped forward to join the fight. They fought hard, but eventually retreated only 2 left, unfortunately Daniel and Crystal escaped. I had killed a boy called Seneco and Clove had wounded many, then I looked at Forest and saw her dropping a violet in the dead girls hair which a spear laid deep in her chest. I realized it before Forest, but eventually she saw it, she realized that she had made her very first kill and she ran, but I knew from experience you cannot run away from a thing like that. I ran up to her and put my hand on her shoulder “ You were brave” and she was, she fell into my arms saying something I will never forget: “they’re all dying” and i just stood there nodding comforting her.



I heard the Jabberjays too, but pretended not to, I also heard the voice and recognized it to be one just like Forest, but was not, Forest has a sister? I asked myself, but before I could answer it or give it any thought I was falling to sleep. I awoke again, but this time to be shaken awake by Hannah, I wasn’t surprised to hear that Forest was gone if I had heard my sister screaming I would of ran off too, but I didn’t mention the jabberjays to Hannah it would of gotten her upset because if something was wrong with district 11 then something was ‘about to happen to 12 and Hannah had a sister just like Forest. Then I heard the screaming and shouting, but unlike the Forest I knew, who was quiet timid, she was in rage. And i was the only one who knew what had powered that rage. I stabbed a couple of people unlike Hannah who actually made a kill and I have to say I was jealous, but then only 2 retreated who made the other kill, and that when I saw Forest, she was crying in the arms of Hannah, she was the one and she had also made her first kill,  “they’re all dying” she said and I just looked at my feet because I knew she didn’t only mean the people in the arena.


Chapter 8

Day 6


I woke with a scream of terror and then a cannon fired I panicked and looked up I couldn’t see anything except the boy Dennis standing over me like a creep

“ ah, the Sleeping beauty has awoken” he said to tease me and then I saw that I looked like a donkey with 3 legs

“ shut up Rabid boy, and what are you doing here anyways

“ well I saw a girl probably from 4 or 6 running towards your camp so I went after her and threw my axe at her just when she was going to shoot at you” he said pointing to a bag of supplies and some arrows

“ so do you want these or what Stuby” wait he was giving these things to me? Why in the world would anyone ever give to me? And especially in the hunger games? I looked at him and I knew he could tell I’m confused so he held out his hand

“ look Stubby I help you survive you hide me when you win ok” and then he disappeared into nothingness (the boy was a creepy guy) and then Clove woke up next to Forrest who didn’t look so good her self.

And then a thought hit me hard “When I win how is it possible that I win?”

And then the sky gave me an answer, The sky turned black and then something so big happened that I can’t even put together myself but I’ll try any way in the sky the words “3 tributes will come on 12th death” appeared and worst of all it said that

“ the 3 tribute will be a previous winner of the hunger games” and faces appeared in the sky of those who will join us in this fight to the death district 1 a girl about 18 the last winner of the hunger games and then Cloves face became dim with fear when the next face showed up and under it it said “ Sara district 2 ” and then I realized why that face was so familiar

“Clove” I said as sympathetic as I could

“I’m so so sorry” and her face spoke in a way no words could explain it stroke so much fear in to my heart that it almost stopped it read

“ You’re dead Scoreless girl ” and I could tell she would do anything to keep her sister alive even if it meant killing Forrest and me. And then the face for twelve made my heart stop beating the girl who was good enough to be a  carrier the girl whose brother was Daniel Everdeen the guy who made a promise to kill me: Avery Everdeen.



A cannon fired and I heard Hannah slowly rising I pretended to be asleep because even though I was startled and wanted to climb into the comforting arms of Hannah’s I realized that there was someone else there as well. It was the weird survival district 13 dude that has the worst history that I have ever heard, he has been having some hard times, I mean at least I have my mother and Nina but he had NOBODY! As far as I know there is no one left in district 13 except him I was surprised to even figure out that he was a survivor of the big bombing! And then in the middle of thought I heard something unbelievable and I wasn’t sure if it was trustworthy. When I was sure he had slipped away I rose, “ How can he make sure we win!?” I demand “if we hide him we win ay!?” “how can you trust him” I ramble on, but Hannah only looks at the sky with a faraway look as if she knew something I didn’t. And then I spotted Clove, she glanced at me quickly and turned back neglecting me, “ HELLO!!!!!” I say, but then I remember the expression she had given me, it was cold and unwelcoming almost startling, that’s when I knew something terribly wrong was to happen. I stood there with my spear at ready staring into mist with Clove and Hannah in front pondering with cold glares as if tongue-tied. Something was wrong I smelled it in the wind, things were on the move and changing fast, I stood there wondering what challenge the capitol has sent to us now.



Ok so I’m the girl with no score and 2 persons are relying on me to live in the hunger games Dennis and Forest And wait Dennis, why would he trust me with his life and wait how many kills have already happened I look at the sky to check, kills: 11 “NOOOO!” one more kill and say hello to the 3 tributes I have got to warn Forest and Clove. I walked to Forest she was still confused, but Clove was with her sword ready to kill anyone who tried to strike

“ Guys next kill makes 12 which means GET READY FOR THE 3 NEW TRIBUTES! ”  Everyone looked at me horrified


Chapter 9

The 3 tributes


3 new tributes, including my sister, great, just great, now either she sees me die or I see her die, this the hunger games people! I storm up and down, was it possible that everyone could stop killing everyone? No, like I said It is the Hunger Games, Oh Clove you are too much, you know you can win! But there is only one tribute allowed to win, and that means all my friends die and either me or my sister! My mine debated back and forth, “IT’S NOT FAIR!!” I shriek just as the 12th cannon “Boom” goes off. Then I hear running and yelling the loud noise echos in my chest and heart, I run to meet Sarah, but is knocked over by a girl about 17 years old and has her hair all wild and it looked like it is she didn’t comb it and her lipstick was all messy, and then I recognized the shade that no one but Sarah used, “Sarah!” I call just as she strikes down her 5th kill, she was real wild, at first she stared at me as if she didn’t know me, then she finally called “Clove?” she said squinting against the wind that blew in her face, “yeah, it is me” I yell so happy to see my sister finally that I don’t notice the coldness in my sister’s voice, instead of running to me or smiling her old smile and come and hug me, she picked up a dagger that so happened to be beside her hand and threw it in the air, it came to me so fast I didn’t know what I was doing, but my brain knew and I had good reflexes, so I ducked and unfortunately for the boy behind me, he got stabbed in the heart and all I knew was that his last words were “Down with the Capitol!” Then an arrow whizzed through the air and made its mark above my sister’s chest.



I heard the yelling, I heard the feet stomping on the ground, I didn’t like it, I retreated to the trees to wait, maybe they will just kill each other and we will be over with it, I heard the knives clashing and I smelt the strong odor of blood, then I heard a yell that could only be Hannah’s battle cry and I peaked out to see someone who looked just like Clove but was older, fall to the ground, an arrow in her chest. When everything had cleared out and everyone retreated, I raced over to Hannah who was now rubbing her fingers around a gold locket that I assumed belonged to the boy who promised us that we would win, she crouched low and whispered a blessing and then stood again clutching the locket tightly and then she let it fall gently to the floor, “Come on Forest!” she said voice stern, “but what about-” “ I said COME ON FOREST!!” Hannah said cutting me off, and I knew not to argue, we raced/stomped off towards the everlasting desert away from the forest, away from the Hunger Games, away from all the death, blood, killing, bad memories, and hatred, and towards the unknown, where revenge will strike.



Dennis and I have been talking for nights now and I feel like I really get him I mean like he has it pretty rough

His sister died and his brother in a nuclear explosion and his parents as well we have become friends for now and I can’t Imagine the thought of killing him Boom oh no! The 12th cannon! And suddenly I reared screaming towards the desert and I knew the 3 tributes were here I turned around scanning the environment Forest was walking back and forth cursing wille Dennis was trying to calm her down and Clove…Wait Clove! Oh no this is bad because I know exactly where she is

“ Clove! Get away from there your sister will kill you!” I started screaming running towards the desert like I was a maniac running towards her own death and of course I was. I have been running for a while now and I heard Clove’s scream I started to run faster and faster untill I saw Denis swinging from tree to tree holding forest in his arms he was going way faster than me so I had to scurry to catch up with him, he jumped down and threw Forest away to his left as I saw Clove duck and a knife that her sister threw at her and and- “Dennis!” I screamed but it was too late a cannon fired and he fell to his knees after saying his last words “ Down with the Capital!”. I didn’t hesitate I pulled my arrow back on my bow and shot at Cloves direction and it hit her sister square in the chest. Angry tears fill my eyes I wipe them away, now the capitol was really going to pay. But then I saw something gold in his pocket he would probably want me to take it so i took it out of his dead pocket…it was a locket and I looked inside it had a picture of his family in one side and the other empty I looked out and put the locket on over my head It felt cold against my chest and the empty space somth against my fingers and I knew what to do I had to lead and If it meant death I will die I ran towards the middle without turning back holding on to my bow and arrows running towards the victors I reread screaming from forest she was probably crying but me I was running towards my death I saw the place where the corpunia was and other 6 victors they looked at me and charged except for one who just ran away scared and I took out my bow and pulled back 1 was down on their knees boom a cannon fired the others just kept on charging so I took out my knife and slash and one’s chest while the other tried to get the one that I hit standing but I shot them square in the head boom a second cannon fired and I ran towards the one I just shot he was trying to get up so I threw my knife at him and boom I looked to my side and two of them jumped on me and tried to hit me and well they did my leg was bloody again why is it always my leg so I didn’t think twice or at all I ran towards the dead guy and took away his sword I lifted it up and got ready to fight my leg was screaming in pain and everything in me was telling me to run but I stayed there looking brave even though I was literally dying inside . Boom the 4th cannon fired the girl just stood there with a sword stuck between her gut I turned to the last one standing Serry the volunteer for district 3 everything in her face read “ Kill this girl!!!” and I knew I was dead but then I took out an arrow from berlin and aimed at her thought ready to shoot and she charged her sword ready to cut me to pieces so I let go of the arrow and missed she jumped and cut my left arm I screamed in pain “Not so brave huh girl with no score born a loser die a loser” I dropped my sword and she laughs a cruel evil laugh “ Good girl now and over the stuff and you can live for now hand It over” I reached for my backpack and dropped it on the ground “ good now weapons and the locket” the locket what does she want with the locket

“Come on Hannah” I reached for my pocked and felt something Sam’s pocket knife she gave to me when she was 8 to kill the chicken and didn’t want back yes! I can kill anything with this I slowly took it out and slash I gave her a big gash in her arm “Ugh! You’ll pay for that!” she came running towards me with her sword so I did what I always did in district 12 I spined and let go of the knife and the knife landed perfectly in her chest she fell to her knees as I said “ never mess with a Roberts” Boom a cannon fired. “Forest come on” I said because we were in the middle of a field of dead people and one of them held the Corpunia I signaled to Clove to take the Corpunia and grabbed Forest’s arm “COME ON FOREST! ” I grab her closer and Clove didn’t question she just came along, we all holding back tears for different reasons.


Chapter 10




My leg pained, but that was nothing. He had saved my life! Even though crashing into the ground wasn’t pleasant, it was better than being pierced by a knife. I limped behind Hannah and Clove crying for both of them and the horrible world we were in. I thought about Nina, sweet little Nina and I thought about the capitol, the ones who took everything, destroyed everything. From all the bad things that has happened I could find some way to bring the blame to the Capitol. And yet we were weak. All of a sudden an image of James smiling his beautiful grin. He gave me promise that he would come back, but he didn’t and the capitol was the one that killed him not that stupid girl, she was being forced to fight! If not for the

Capitol he would still be at my side, I grew angry “We are not weak!!” I shouted in the wind hoping the capitol could here us.



Look here’s what I don’t get 1 why would the ones who once were Rebels make their own Capital 2 why would people enjoy watching kids kill each other and 3 why would anyone think that I could win the Hunger Games I mean come on Me the girl with no score the nobody and 4 why would Dennis take a shot for Forest or wait…ME! Ugh stupid feelings if I could just get rid of you.It was about 8:00 pm I think and the Faces of the dead started to show up in the sky I looked down knowing that Dennis would show up soon but I had to look up: Dennis killed by Sara hit by knife in the chest the sky screamed. I felt tears run down my cheeks but why I mean like why for Dennis I knew he would die but not this early not like this horrible unnecessary death, it should’ve been me who got killed why not take me, but this was cruel it was as if this had killed me after all I am the one who is suffering.


Chapter 11:


Forest: At first she was standing there just staring and now she is running towards the sky, sometimes I just can’t keep track of her. She comes back with a gold bag, “Hope you know how to cook guys” she said Clove backed away so that left me, “Whatever” I reached in and pulled out potatoes and lettuce, Clove handed me her dagger while Hannah wolfed hers down, I guess District 2 was taught manners, I chopped them up and handed a slice to everyone even Hannah who was still hungry. “Geez some appetite” anyway after our meal we trudged up the blowing sand into what looked like a sandstorm. I was awakened again by Hannah, I have to say she has become my alarm clock without warning. Clove said peculier, I knew Dennis and Hannah were close friends, but I hadn’t expected Hannah to take his death that harsh. Then I heard screaming, no yelling, a battle cry.  





The sky was blue except for this one light wait light a supply drop I ran towards it, I ran and strained to see whose name was on it  Hannah wait Hannah! Yes wait this means there are people that actually want me to win! Therese no time to lose I opened the packet my Bow and lods of arrows! I could cry right now but I won’t because there’s still stuff in the bag let’s see some potatoes and lettuce and a golden thing in the bottom I took it and the bag disappeared I looked at it and saw two pictures in a little golden bag and one was Sam! Omg Sam I wonder who could be my sponsor and know all this stuff and the other….me I took Dennis` locket and put the two pictures on it leaving his behind my picture and ran towards camp so Forest could make some salad and potatoes!


Chapter 12:



Yay we finally have something to eat yum my stomach kept saying yum yum yum in my tum! Potatoes that’s the best thing that I Ever tasted in this arena but not even the potatoes could make me get over how long it took for Hannah to become savage and if I want to live I would have to go against her and I’m No career and if I was she would still kill me.



I should say that



I can’t believe I got a supply drop I mean me the girl with no score the nothing the girl from 12 out of all the people here victors careers and they choose me- Boom! a cannon fired very close so that meant we had to move and fast

“ Forest Clove wake up!” Forrest stod up so did Clove

“ Geez woman what is it!” Clove said rubbing her eyes

“ A cannon fired very close by and we should-”

“ stay here or go towards it because we had such little kills well we as in Forest and me because you went mad and killed like 5 victors after Dennis died?” Clove cut-in, “whatever” “No, something is going on.” I was trapped, Forest was looking at me too now “uh, um” I stammered and was saved by shouting. I swerved my head to the left and then saw 3 tributes, Avery, Daniel, and another girl who had a pin in her hair saying Roxcy. We slashed our swords together making a CLANG, we fought hard and even through blood I was happy they were here to distract Clove and Forest from asking, because my brain was asking that very same question and it scared me the anwser it did.


Chapter 13



Avery, nothing, but trouble, though a descendent of Everdeen who has been heros all through the years, but then all of a sudden happened to  fail when the Capitol eventually came back with Swiss, she is a real brute. Covered in blood it was hard to tell her from her brother, but I am not easy to fool. And then I saw Hannah wobble, unfortunately Avery saw it too, her weak spot has always been her legs and with one slash she falls, Clove holds me back from the fighting. A boy, an evil boy, oh that Daniel, that stupid Daniel that always thought that he was the best, “Well guess what Everdeen, you are not going to live to shove your stupid butt in other girls faces and then leave them crying!”  I holler at him, for one reason it gives Hannah a chance to strike while he is distracted and then Roxcy made the final blow and he is gone. I run over to Hannah and hug her she has a pained expression, but she forces it away and smiles. Later on while I pour hot water on some cloth that I ripped from the bottom of my pants and bandage up Hannah’s leg, Hannah tells us the good news, I flash a big grin and even Clove who was always the serious one had her mouth curved into a smile. Everyone had hopes now and for some reason I knew that with Hannah and Clove who have become my big sisters, we will survive the Fire, or should I say The 100th Fire.



I hated it when that happens, I just absolutely HATE it!! This is how my father died, Me just standing there watching as my father gets struck down over and over, yet there is nothing I can do blood everywhere. And yet I have to not only hold myself down from joining the fight with Hannah, but Forest too who is now squirming in my grip, I know it is Hannah’s fight.  Now I turn away. I don’t need to watch my best friend take the path of my father who fought with his beliefs. I found myself thinking about what I would do when I win and if I win when I get home. My sister is dead, I cringe at that thought. My father is dead, tears form. My mother is sick and dying, I get the feeling. I always get this cold feeling like icy fingers around my heart then I grow angry, very angry. I spring. I slash and throw the knives and the accurate deep knives, they hit Roxcy. I throw again and again until Roxcy is lying on her belly with 5 knives deep in her back, blood is everywhere, even splattered on my gold armor, my father’s armor.  “I don’t regret it” I whisper, “I don’t” and I am mostly talking to the capital. Oh,  the capitol is really going to get it now. And I stomp away with who I am, Stoneheart.



“Ready to die girl with no score!” Daniel said blood all over his body

“ Look here I know you are the descendent of Katniss but I am going to kill you Daniel” I took out my sword and so did he but then something appeared in the sky It Read “Since the hunger games have completed triple digits and has 3 tributs we decided to have 3 winners! Now may the odds be ever in your favor” then it fanished

“WHAT!!!!!!” I yelled this couldn’t be could me Clove and Forest stay alive no this could only be trickery or could it be true! So many thoughts in my head I completely forgot about Daniel and slash

“Ahhhh!” my arm was bleeding and I almost fell until I felt somebody catch me it was…Wait, Daniel didn’t slash I looked up and saw his sister holding her knife charging at me and boom Clove threw a knife right at her chest and wait Daniel? I was so confused and then he smiled

“Maybe we could win together?” he smiled that smile again no way I was not going to let nether Clove of Forest die I had no choice but to to slash and boom Rocky jumped and took the hit for Daniel and in a flash he was gone. I fell to the ground and Forest ran towards me while Clove looked at what those girls had.

“Hannah!” she screamed and I kissed her on the cheek, she started to cry and hugged me. It was painful but comforting

“Hey, stop crying because we’re gonna win this, together”

Chapter 14


The first thing I have to hear is “kill” coming out of Hannah’s mouth and that when I suddenly become alert, I listen to the rest of conversation that I had missed, which wasn’t much. Turns out we are attacking a camp of three nearby, practically our first time attacking and not being attacked. Anyway while Clove rambles on I suddenly start to think to myself, You know Forest you have recovered from the Zery Death, maybe you should  start making yourself useful, I mean Hannah and Clove won’t just leave you behind, but think if you could do something, I mean this is the HUNGER GAMES!! Great now my brain is telling me to kill. Well now that I think about it I do have my eye on Alex who was in that group, the Middle School bully that always goes for the ones who are and seem weak (to defend myself I am in the “SEEM” category.) I have always hated him, and now was my chance to say “ You won’t be coming back to be the bully you were Alex!” and maybe I could catch some begs of mercy before I strike him down. I played the scene in my mind and over and over until I was grinning all over. “Okay,” I say confidently “I am ready.”



Hannah is down so I have to literally do all of the work around here but Forest does help and she has improved since the begging of the game so I can’t complain. and I noticed hannah was up 

“Hannah it’s been 3 days since avery injured you, see if you can run cuz you can walk in pretty good shape now.”

well ok that was desperate but well what can I do I have to kill or else I’ll bring shame to district 2.

“There’s only a scar left, I’m healed!” She said pointing to a very awkwardly shaped scar.

“Good now go and practice fighting I can’t protect Forest on my own, ok?”

“Ok, speaking of Forest where is she?”

I pointed to the sleeping bag and thought

“Forest talks in her sleep” but decided to keep the to myself. I told her about a group of tributes really close buy and my plan to kill them


so I decided to not stay here for long and go to my side of the cabin aka a bed

“ugh,why does she get the supply drop! and why does she get the glory.” I said really quietly to myself

“Stop it Clove you are not like that stop being a baby and pull your self together. I got up and walk out of the Cabin holding my knife with me

“Time to kill some tributes”



I was starving with an completely bandaged leg well it could be worse I could be dead but hey! I get to win with Clove and Forest this is great so I know I don’t have to face the guilt if they died! But there are still 19 tributs and they all must have a team.

“Hannah it’s been 3 days since avery injured you, see if you can run cuz you can walk in pretty good shape now.”

She was right, time to stop acting like a baby and shape up no matter how painful it is. I got up and carefully removed the bandage OMG!

“There’s only a scar left, I’m healed!”

“Good now go and practice fighting I can’t protect Forest on my own, ok?”

“Ok, speaking of Forest where is she?”

Clove pointed to a brown sleeping bag made from bark wrapped around Forest and her little head was poking out, she just looked so safe I just wanted to protect her

“Look today I saw a group of tributs camping close buy there’s 3 of them and one is keeping guard” she tossed me my armor chestplate that was supposed to be Forest’s but it was too big and Clove said she didn’t need it so it’s mine now.

“And all we have to do is sneak attack the garding tribute and kill the others in their sleep”

“Now, Wake up Forest we got some killing to do.”


Chapter 15







“Forest, get your spear and let’s go” I said hoping to wake her up

“What” she said from under her sleeping bag

“Get your Spear and let’s go!”

She jumped up and grabbed her spear

“Good now let’s go kill some tributes” Clove said holding her favorite knife

“Yeah come on Forest come with me ok Clove will come but I’ll explain on the way ok?”

“Ok,and also how many tributes are left?”

I looked at the sky and it read Tributes Left 18  

“ 15 why?”

“Cuz if people decided to team that’s 5 not including us teams until we win!”

“Great, so let’s make sure when we come back, there are only 4 teams in or way.”

SUMMARY of100th Fire


100th fire is about 3 girls, Hannah (The girl with no score) , Forest (Fox eyes), and Clove (Stone Heart) who are one of many who are forced to take place in the Hunger Games which is to serve as entertainment for the capitol who is a bunch of gamekeepers and peacekeepers who are kind of like nazi except they don’t arrest Jews, and President Swiss the leader and the one, but not only evil dictator (kind of like Hitler) in these games kids from 12-18 are chosen to fight each other and kill each other while the families watch, it is horrible and this book is about the bravery of these kids and how they team up and work together you can also find themes like even in the darkest times there is hope, and kindness and comfort will always be found in the ones who care, etc. that is for you to find anyway hope you like the book.

Recommended for ages 10-14

If you are younger or older than 10-14 than you you are welcome to read this if you like a touch of violence. And if you do not like violence than just try it, if you don’t like it fine, but it really is not so bad if I can say so myself.