Books books and more books!

Hi again…so I just want to say that I’ve read 25 books last year!( not all are long) and I just LOVE reading and writing and want to beat 25 books this year I’m going for 30! anyways I also want to talk about the challenge. Helen and I have done a challenge( Go look at Helen’s Blog) and congrats Mylo, Adelina,Angela and Kythira! you all have characters that will live to the deathmatch with means you can still get a character but they won’t live until deathmatch. Good luck guys!. Also in both of my books he character I write ALWAYS has to have the bow and arrow it’s my thing;)

the winners so far are

Milo,Adeline,Angela,Kythira,Owen,Sam,Taran,Alina,Myla and Quinton keep it up until the 27th!


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