Capstone #6 Working on my Final Project

For my project I made an iMovie. In the iMovie I put three videos that I made o an app called Evertoon.¬†On the app you make cartoons talk to each other. You can make them talk, high five, and even whip and nae nae! I made three Evertoon’s, and all three were fun to make!
I made two Evertoon’s at the beginning, but then I realized I didn’t include many facts. So I made a third Evertoon and it was my longest! Ms. Edwards checked my iMovie and said it was great! I was so happy that Ms. Edwards said it was good! I had to make the voices deeper so it was like I was talking to a man, not a kid. Here is one of my Evertoon’s! HERE.

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  1. Your iMovie, which includes the delightful Evertoons was a fun way to teach us about Michael Jordan. I learned so much about your topic! I enjoyed reading about what you considered when working on your final project. Great work, Ty!

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