Rocketry Part 1

In science this year we are doing rocketry and each team had to build a rocket. We also had to do a Isaac Newton project (see my post about Newtons first law) and we also had to create a infographic, a infographic can be very unique and you could do whatever you wanted on your infographic, but you had to actually have information on it. This blog is about me designing the rocket.

We where all assigned to do research at home and I did a lot of research on decent fin designs, my whole group at school and at home printed¬†pictures that might help us when we make the inspiration board that was gonna inspire about how we make our rocket. It was really frustrating that sometimes my group doesn’t always agree on the same thing then we have to argue and we finally settle it by playing rock, paper, scissors then we waste a lot of valuable time making the inspiration board, and I was really proud of it because it was really colorful and it also was neat and organized. We got it done but then we had to write on post-its about why we put whatever thing we put on the inspiration board and how it will help us, then all of the groups had to read out loud the post its and share them with everybody. But the sharing time wasn’t what you would call fun because some groups weren’t even done on time so the substitute let them work in the back table but they where all goofing around and talking even when the substitute told them to be quiet, so it was really hard to concentrate about what the group that was sharing said.

Then after we where done with that we were now focusing on the design of the rocket and we laid out all of fin sketches that we might want to put on it, then the frustrating part was that sometimes, some of my group members space out or get distracted then I try to bring them back to life by shaking them or clapping my hands so we also wasted a lot of time on that. It was also hard on deciding what design we should do for the rocket. We decided that our nosecone should be 3D printed so I’m gonna learn how to do that and we also already cut out our wings and decided that we where gonna have a needle even though I think on launch day the needle is gonna interfere in some way then things are gonna go wrong, but I can’t win a arguement against two people. That is all we are doing right now but launch day is coming nearer and I WILL NOT let myself fail this but I feel like my group can do this.

Some Pictures of our Inspiration Boards:

PS, this Inspiration board is my groups


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