Rube Goldberg Overview-Part 7

Afterall of the effort we put into Rube Goldberg I thought it was a really fun project. Even though I was sick for two weeks during this I still tried to put the most effort I could into it. I looked at my project after the success and I knew it wasn’t the best but […]

Rube Goldberg-Part 6

Recently on blog posts one, two, three, four and five I have talked about my sketch and my steps and my problems. On part 5 I have left of on just beginning videotaping so now it is the final moment will this work! Me and William have set up everything and my mom is going […]

Rube Goldberg-Part 5

So far in blog posts one two three and four I have talked about my problems and my steps. In blog post four I have left off at the part where I decided that my car was going to hit a plane. Let’s see how I finish this off. Right now Me and William are […]

Rube Goldberg-Part 4

Recently in blog posts 1 2 3 I have talked about my first couple of steps.I have only explained my first 3 steps. Why? Because in 3 all I have is a bunch of problems. Now it is time to figure out how I solve all these problems. My first problem is how was the […]

Rube Goldberg-Part 3

Me and William have done our first and second step. Our plan so far has been to drop a marble into a plastic tube the marble will go through it  giving it speed so it will roll on wood then it will hit dominoes. Our third step was going to be the dominoes hitting a car […]

Rube Goldberg-Part 2

Me and William have just started to build our first step. We decided for our first step we needed a plastic tube a marble and some wood and a hot glue gone to attach everything together. We had no wood so we just decided to use pieces of fake wood from a game. We had […]

Rube Goldberg-Part 1

In school we just started this project called Rube Goldberg. Rube Goldberg is when you create a machine to do a very simple task. Your machine can include dominoes,contraptions,plastic tubes etc. We got to pick partners and my partner is William Mishra. together we decided to do a little bit of our project before we […]