Capstone #1

Hi A Capstone project is another school project, a research project actually, and we had to pick a topic, research about it, conduct a little interview, and talk a bit about it at the end. Or, we could’ve made a movie, short movie really, only 3 – 5 minutes long. My topic was initially about space. […]

Refugee Questions

  I wonder why Mr. Nassaer is the only person who decided to help Mahmoud and his family? Is it because he is also a refugee? Mr. Nasser might be a refugee because he fled from his homeland several decades ago because of a war. He is living in Turkey because the war is still […]

Fish In A Tree Literary Essay

Fish in a Tree Literary Essay David M.   In the book Fish in a Tree by the author Lynda Mullaly Hunt, it teaches readers that self-doubt can lead to misjudgments and hinder learning. I think this because Ally often doubts her ability to read and write, since she, the main character, has dyslexia. For […]

Constitution Project Reflection

  We had a project where we ultimately had to record a video about a research question related to the Constitution and Amendments and whatever else is related. I chose my research topic related to Civil Rights because I already knew much of the stuff (and soon figured out that I didn’t), and I didn’t […]

Feature Article & Reflection

   I’ve always wondered how thunderstorms and what is happening inside them, and I thought it was a good topic to write about, where I also get to research about it. Looking back, I think writing the actual article was the most enjoyable, though. I liked writing about thunderstorms in my own words, writing […]

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