April 30

Stock market #6

This week it will finish my slide show. It will show both interview, 3 of the most important interview questions, how to read and trade stocks. It will be the last thing I need to do. I have learned a lot from doing this project. The most important thing I learned was that something as small as the stock market can teach you so much. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1fduih9GTrlEiXk33j63McNmFP0_mTR8ofR5sN65RfGA/edit#slide=id.p

April 12

Stock Market #3

This week I will do both of my interviews. I will do a face to face for one and email the other. I will start my slide show after the interview. I am hoping to get all of my info from interview. I will record my interview. I will hope to go to the stock market. Next blog I will have my interview. I think I have learned more about the stock market than I thought.

April 7

Stock Market #1

For my passion project I will studied the Stock Market. I will learn how to read and trade stocks I am hoping to go to the stock market. I will interview my dad and one of his workers. My questions are why is the stock market so important? Do you make a lot of money by trading stocks? Could trading stocks be your job? for my final project I will make a slide show. I chose this because my dad always wanted to teach me how to trade and read stocks. I will update my blog 3-4 times a week. According to List of stock exchanges, the largest 20 by capital traded about 6,631 billion shares in January of 2015, or 315 Billion shares per trading day. Here is one resource that I used    http://themint.org/kids/what-is-the-stock-market.html


February 6

Passion Project Reflection 1

I chose this idea “recycling,composting and trash in my school” because I am really passionate about this topic. So I thought that I can help out with it in my school with compost and recycling. We had to try to narrow down our topic. I thought that mine was narrowed down already. We had to develop questions that was very hard for me because my topic was mostly about the compost and recycling my school and I need to learn about the school. So I could not do research on it. But I found out  a way to do it. This is what I did, I went online and searched up about what composting does how they make it and why it is good for the earth. Than for recycling I did the same thing but I know that recycling helps the earth but at the same time pollutes the earth. So I looked up why it is still good to recycle if it pollutes the earth. I found out that it is still good because you are still reusing things. Than I did trash but for trash I did why it is so bad to pollute the earth and I found out that it lets out somany bad gases. Did you know that if everyone composted and recycled the planet would be so much better. So I realized that it was not that hard to do research because I did not have to do it on our school I could have done it on other schools. I learned that never think that something is hard because if you do it will be hard. I also realized that this is my favorite topic.