Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King had many important events in his life. He was a person who has been remembered and known for his civil rights dynamic movement and commitment. Every Year we celebrate Martin luther King’s birthday. He is very inspirational and many people follow in his footsteps.. Most people saw King as Frustrating or a sign of hope. Even though his death was long ago we still think of Martin Luther King as a role model. Kings family was very religious. He had began preaching at a church like his father and grandfather. King was very famous for his “I have a dream speech.” he spoke in front of two hundred fifty thousand people, both Colored and white when most people think of him they are reminded by his speech. I’m reminded by his letter from Birmingham jail. The purpose of the letter from Birmingham jail was a response to some of the white church leaders who were criticizing King’s methods. The letter was meant to show frustration and hope. He also was in the  Southern Christian Leadership Conference this is something I will remember. King joined together with other black religious leaders to form the Southern Christian Leadership Conference they started from the bus boycott he was not afraid to work together. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference boycott lasted for 381 days from December 5 1995 to December 21 1996 this took more than a year I find that impressive. Martin Luther King’s great work Brought him to Memphis, Tennessee to help the group of workers on a strike, king believed  the struggle in Memphis for the need of economic equality and social justice I think this means he is very selfless. In conclusion Martin Luther King was a great leader we remember his struggles and his deeds. We think of him as a role model and soon to follow in his footsteps.

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