I am going to be writing about how Star girl gets power in the book parts that we have read. in the book every body in the school is like all the person who is popular so everybody is the same.At the start of the book she is the one who is different and they think she is”fake”. After that everybody thinks she is going to quit her differences but she dose not. I thought this would be a struggle that she does not  fit in but she just ignores it.The next thing that happened was in a football game at halftime she dances and performs until everybody claps at the person who they thought was so weird at the startNow I think some other people will start to be different like her because they always follow the person who has power and Star girl has it now.I also think their will be a possibility Star girl changes to be like all of them because after that Star girl becomes a cheerleader and wears  the same clothes as all the other cheerleaders witch is not usual for Star girl. That is how she gets power in the story.

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