Hola World, I’m Back!!!

Hola my sweet world! I’m back. It’s Annabelle and now I’m in fourth grade. I’m 9 years old and I go to Fox Meadow Elementary School in Scarsdale NY. I have lots of super amazing friends at both school and camp! In my time when I am free I watch TV, play on my Wii, and my favorite math game, Prodigy. I live with my family, 2 sisters, and my parents, in a house with our pet fish.

I have a favorite sport too. I love tennis. I don’t  remember when I started doing tennis, but that doesn’t really matter. I take tennis lessons at Tennis Innovators Academy all year and, in the spring and summer I play at Fox Meadow Tennis Club. The order of ball levels is red, orange, green, and then yellow. Yellow ball is mainly only for adults and the best players, so I’m not yellow ball yet. . . But I’m really close! I’m green ball! I take tennis with one of my best friends from school. I hope you like tennis too!


I love pizza! When I moved to Scarsdale we had dinner at a pizza place called Frankie & Fanucci. I loved it from first taste. I always got excited when my parents told me and my sisters that we were going there, we would both get excited and jumpy. Soon, my mom and dad started to give us a different type of pizza because they said F+F, “traveled cold.” I think that is a total lie. Whoever invented pizza, I think that person is a genius. Pizza is the best food that ever walked (or maybe that was on) the earth.

I am writing this blog about a lot of things. I will write about sports (tennis), food (pizza), school, camp, and much more. I am looking forward to posting more to you. I hope you like my blog! Byyyyyyyyyeeeee!!!!!!!!!