“My Time at Heathcote” – Ignite

This Ignite was a practice one for Capstone. For Capstone, you could either do an Ignite, or a Ted Talk. So we started practicing, to get what it feels like to decide which one we wanted to do for Capstone.

An Ignite usually has 20 slides, 15 seconds each, 5 minutes long in total. But since this is our first Ignite and just a practice one, our Ignites were only 7 slides, 15 seconds each, 90 seconds in total.

We could choose any topic we wanted, as long as it was about us, and it was a story. I was a little unsure of what I wanted to talk about (I explain this in my Ignite), but I eventually got an idea from Mr. Casal.

I did my Ignite about my time at Heathcote; the good times, and the bad, too. I also talked a little about middle school; my hopes, and my feelings.

On the day, I was very nervous. I spoke kind of¬†fast, so my slides didn’t exactly match with my words since I rushed ahead. But, I hope you still like it:

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