My 1st Scratch Project

When this project was assigned, I immediately started thinking how many scratch to tynker projects I wanted. Did I want 3 scratch, 1 tynker? 3 tynker, 1 scratch? 2 scratch, 2 tynker? Eventually I decided I wanted 3 scratch, 1 tynker, because in my opinion scratch is easier for me (tynker does all the work for you without explaining it well enough).

So at home, I went to scratch, and then I realized that I couldn’t sign in because I forgot my username. So I made another one, and started my project.

I started a pong game, because I thought that it would be easy but also fun.

When I got back to school, I asked Ally what my username was. Everyone has similar usernames, the only difference is your name. So, Ally knew what my username was, and luckily it worked. Thanks, Ally!

Now the only problem was that the project I started at home was in my other account, and I didn’t want to remake it because I already added A LOT to it.

So I kept on working on my pong game. I added blocks so that when the blue ball touches them, they disappear. If you make all of them disappear, you win!

Hope you like it:

My Tynker Project

I had a really hard time deciding what tynker project I wanted. I tried to do a platformer game, since the one with scratch didn’t work, but it was also too hard. I couldn’t really think of anything, so I tried the tutorials.

After thinking about it, I did another kind of story thing, like my 3rd scratch project. Only my tynker one is less complicated, because I am better at scratch than tynker.

I don’t think this one is really good, but I think it’s okay. I hope you do too.

My 3rd Scratch Project

After I came up with two scratch projects, I considered what I would make my 3rd one like.

I decided I wanted to make it a little more complicated than my first two projects. But I didn’t know what it should be. Maybe it should be a platformer game of some sort. I wasn’t sure. But I couldn’t really think of anything else.

Eventually I decided I wanted a platformer game. I started it, but halfway in I realized it was too hard, and that it probably wouldn’t be done in time. So I brainstormed new ideas.

Then I remembered a featured project that was kind of like a story, so I decided to code a story. I wanted to have a castle theme, so it is about a prince and a princess.

Here it is:

My 2nd Scratch Project

After I liked how my 1st scratch project was going, and started working on my 2nd scratch project. I logged into my original account, the one without my pong game. I saw that I had made a scratch project before, and I liked it so I decided to make it my 2nd scratch project. I went inside and added some things, though.

My second scratch project is called My Virtual Pet. You get a dog as your pet, and you can play with it and feed it by clicking on the objects. If your dog is too full, drank enough water, or isn’t bored, your dog won’t eat, drink, or play. But if your dog gets too hungry, bored, or thirsty, your dog will faint.

This project isn’t that complicated, but I hope you like it:

“My Time at Heathcote” – Ignite

This Ignite was a practice one for Capstone. For Capstone, you could either do an Ignite, or a Ted Talk. So we started practicing, to get what it feels like to decide which one we wanted to do for Capstone.

An Ignite usually has 20 slides, 15 seconds each, 5 minutes long in total. But since this is our first Ignite and just a practice one, our Ignites were only 7 slides, 15 seconds each, 90 seconds in total.

We could choose any topic we wanted, as long as it was about us, and it was a story. I was a little unsure of what I wanted to talk about (I explain this in my Ignite), but I eventually got an idea from Mr. Casal.

I did my Ignite about my time at Heathcote; the good times, and the bad, too. I also talked a little about middle school; my hopes, and my feelings.

On the day, I was very nervous. I spoke kind of¬†fast, so my slides didn’t exactly match with my words since I rushed ahead. But, I hope you still like it: